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While I can't say I'm that far in the NJO series (finished Dark Tide II: Onslaught today), I do know who this character is. Tahiri Veila w...


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While I can't say I'm that far in the NJO series (finished Dark Tide II: Onslaught today), I do know who this character is. Tahiri Veila was an unfortunate human female. Unfortunate, because she had been "shaped" - mutiliated and "enhanced" by the Yuuzhan Vong. This also gave her a second persona, one of a Yuuzhan Vong.

This is a very interesting skin, because... It's not a Reborn, nor a Jawa :P I'm not arrogant enough to think that it was my doing that blessed me with such a change, though I'd like it to be so. Anyway, you are looking upon a Mara Jade reskin, if I'm not mistaken. Two versions are included and they are NOT essentially the same skins!

The first skin is a normal Tahiri, although she has no shoes (ouch). And... her face is not that of Mara! Woo Yay! I am not too fond of the hair, but the skin is new and I appreciate that.

The second one is the Vong version of Tahiri Veila, sporting a Vonduun crab armor (I think I'm right) and a... tattoo! She also has a special, Yuuzhan Vong version of a lightsaber, which looks like one of the stock hilts reskinned but my, does it look convincing!

And the conclusion? Pretty much positive, but, just so you know, the skin isn't perfect. It is original, however, and that's AT LEAST as good! So, keep it up ;)


Team Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: No

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Download 'drkphnx_tahiri.zip' (2.57MB)

Jedi Academy Skin

skin Name: DrkPhnx_Tahiri
Author: Greenephenoix/DarkPhenoix
Email: greenephenoix@hotmail.com

Skins included
1. Tahiri Velia
2. Tahiri Velia with Domain Kwaad scar
3. Tahiri Velia red team skin
4. Tahiri Velia blue team skin
5. Riina Kwaad/Tahiri Velia as a Yuuzhan Vong

Model by: Dan Kapphahn  (DAK, a.k.a Antizac) *Model Readme included in zip and permission given*

Saber Included
Reskin of single_8 (defender). will replace the saber in single and multi player (seperate pk3 file for optional install)

Saber model by: Raven


Installation Instructions:

Place the drkphnx_tahiri.pk3 file from this zip archive into the LucasArts/StarWarsJediKnightJediAcademy/gamedata/base/ directory, where you installed the game.

To install the saber, do as above with the Tahiri_vong_saber.pk3 file

to uninstall either or both files, delete the pk3(s) from your gamedate/base directory.

Tahiri Velia Character history: Childhood playmate of Anakin Solo at the Jedi academy and later, a love interest as they go through their teens. A strong willed young girl who refuses to wear shoes of any kind unless absolutely neccessary. During one adventure, Tahiri was captured by a goup of Aliens from outside the known galaxy who are cut off from the force, and use organic technology. They attempted to change her, turn her into one of them, they failed only because of the interference of Anakin Solo. Anakin had a vision of an older tahiri, looking similar to the aliens and surrounded by Dark side energy. He managed to rescue her, but she wasn't the same afterwards, both mentally and physically scarred by her ordeal. The death of Anakin Solo at the hands of the same Aliens almost destroyed her, causing her to break down and suppressed memories implanted by the Aliens to surface in the form of a new personality. Tahiri was eventually healed, though her personality became a blend of her own, and the one the Aliens tried to create. She now works with the Jedi in an attempt to broker peace between the Aliens and the inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy.

NPC list

Tahiri	 	Enemy version of Tahiri, uses only lightside powers.

Ptahiri  	Allied version of tahiri (useful if you want to use this skin in singleplayer by using the playermodel command)

Tahiri_scar	Enemy verision of the scarred Tahiri. skilled in mainly light side powers, but has a couple of low level darkside powers in the mix, more skilled with a lightsaber

ptahiri_scar	Allied version of the scarred tahiri (useful if you want to use this skin in singleplayer by using the playermodel command)

tahiri_vong	Enemy version of Riina Kwaad/Tahiri as a Yuuzhan Vong. favours the dark side powers though is skilled with both, able to use all single saber combat styles.

Ptahiri_Vong 	Allied version of Riina Kwaad/Tahiri as a Yuuzhan Vong (useful if you want to use this skin in singleplayer by using the playermodel command)


Bot Support- Yes
Team Support- Yes
NPC Support- Yes
New Sounds- No 
LODs- No    

* Copyright / Permissions *


The character Tahiri Velia is (or might be, but want to cover myself :P) copyright of LucasBooks.

© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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