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I'm not sure what the intent behind this was. Joke? Not a very funny one. Obviously not the kind of skin that would "grace" your base folder...


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I'm not sure what the intent behind this was. Joke? Not a very funny one. Obviously not the kind of skin that would "grace" your base folder. In fact, I find myself wondering why one would even bother downloading this.

Imagine Rosh. Now, imagine opening the model_default textures for Rosh in Photoshop. Imagine pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N to create a new layer. Imagine clicking paintbucket and just covering the whole layer with white, then whacking CTRL+S. Now picture a random red swirl painted on in a few places with the 13px circular soft brush. I kid you not.

If you get a laugh out of this, more power to you I guess. But, the Kouen is not amused, and even if the Kouen were amused, he would still warn you that the paintbucketed white textures do come out very bright indeed.

~ Kouen

Extras? Just default Rosh stuff, so.... no, not really.

By the way, just as an FYI, if your mods use base assets that you haven't modified, you don't need to include them in your pk3. Only modified and/or user-created assets need to be packaged. Just a tip, of course, but keeping out unnecessary files does make your submissions smaller and your pk3s much tidier.

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Here is a pretty good reskin of rosh. There's no arguing, because everyone hates rosh! YAY! Something actually works out!
He's got targets all over him so he's easy to kill. There's even targets in his eyes. I'll admit it, i paintbucketed...... I know what you guys are thinking:
GASP! PAINTBUCKETER!!!!! GET 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it looks O.K. for a paintbucketed model.

Npc support: Rosh
Bot support: Rosh
New sounds: Rosh

Well, have fun with this. I think it might work with SP.... I dont know. It might or might not. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT FALSE CLAIMS THAT I MIGHT HAVE JUST SAID!!!!!!
  = P

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