Taris Uper City South

Here is a little treat for all you KOTOR players. The undoubtedly most despised, part of the game by it's community. Why, I do not know, I p...


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Here is a little treat for all you KOTOR players. The undoubtedly most despised, part of the game by it's community. Why, I do not know, I personally enjoyed it the most, but to each their own.

Now to the actual map shall we? We start at the main section of Upper Taris, the walkways, let it suffice when I say it looks very good, albeit a bit empty, however it's just an alpha so things are surely subject to change. The walkways seem a bit shorter than they were in the original KOTOR, but maybe the running speed was just slower in that game.

The slightly more interesting section of the map is the medical room. It includes the mighty healing bacta tanks, all of which lack clipping, so if you feel damaged, or just dirty you too, can visit one the way Revan did. It was wonderful seeing Taris in all of its glory, not even the medical hub was understaffed, there are two droids, and a man just waiting to fulfill your greatest medical fantasies. The whole area is pretty faithful to the original, I would have checked down to the number of bacta tanks but my copy of the game seems to have been misplaced.

The texturing of the entire level is done very well, the author even used the bump mapping simulation technique, and it does its job. The textures are very crisp and just pleasant to look at, maybe slightly bland...

I guess the biggest fault of the map is that it's plagued with invisible walls. There is literally no such thing as falling out of the level, save for one glitch I found which lets you scale the sky scrapers, and consequently, fall off.

I found no glitches the author didn't mention, those being some invincible NPCs, bugged doors and water which doesn't always go SPLASH when you try to take a bath. All of which have been promised to be fixed.

~Metall Pingwin

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Download 'tarisuper.zip' (4.43MB)

Taris Uper City South Alpha

This map was created By sparky of Shadow Roleplay


New Sounds: Yes

New Models: NO

New Textures: Yes

FILENAME: Tarisuper.pk3 
FILESIZE: 4.47 MB (4,695,243 bytes)
DATE RELEASED: 14 May 2007


Extract the Tarisuper.pk3 into your Base folder located on your hard drive
e.g 'C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base'

Running the map

to run the map go to the play solo match and select Taris, 
or use shift and ` key and enter into the console either

map tarisuper
devmap tarisuper

some npc's don't die
doors are bugged
modeled city scape looks crap
water often doesnt make splash sound

all these bugs above will be fixed for the final releace


3 days

Other notes

This map is the first alpha of taris based map for the shadow roleplay group
although this alpha only has a limited view of the upper city south the final
version will have as much of the upper and lower city of taris as the quake III
engine will allow.

for more previews of my work in jedi academy and startrek voyager elite force
vist http://www.sparkyshome.co.uk(offline)




Please do not re-distribute this Pk3 without the authors
permission, and without an un-modified readme included.

All textures in this file were created or modified by Sparky,
and therefore are property of there respective owners.

Any use of protected materials is purely accidental,
dont hesitate to contact Sparky to resolve any issues.
Any other files not created by myself are property
of there respective owner.
all rights reserved.


Only one man i have to give credits for and thats farcry tolan
 of st-rp for producing the models for me cheers bud


Izzy and immy and cess
Shadow-rpg members


http://www.sparkyshome.co.uk (offline)
http://www.redcellgaming.com (jedi academy based clan maps)
http://www.st-rp.net(star trek based maps)

or contact me at

[email protected]

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