Taspir: Clan Edition

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I haven't decided what to think of this map yet. It's Taspir, but there have been some additions made to it. Another dueling pad has been added at the very top and right below that is an observation deck that sorta looks like a council room, in a way. There are several buttons that will allow the person at the helm to close the door to the deck, randomly strike lightning at the players below, or control the lighting on the pad below. There's a bar added at the bottom of the map ... y'know, near the lava ... and it's actually the best addition to this map, in my opinion. There are some lava waterfalls as you enter the bar. The room itself has a nice shape and design to it. As much as I like the bar, everything seems a bit oversized.

It would've been nice to see the Taspir theme continued in the additions for this map. The rooftops just don't have the same Taspir look. And I did find some gaps here and there. So it's kinda like ... hmm ... let's see if I can think of something to compare it to ... like if you were to buy a model ship already assembled and stuff. It looks perfect as is, but you want to add a few things to it, and instead of using the same materials, you use cardboard and paint that doesn't match just right.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA




Level's Name            : Taspir: Clan Edition
Author                  : SkaterJohn16
Email Address           : [email protected]

Level's description     : FFA5 with JA+ and sophisticated clan play in mind. Changes made to the original:
				- An observation deck is hung above the "main pad". Ideal for council/admin use. Has a lower hatch and a side door openable only from the inside. From the outside, you can see out in all directions, including watching battles on the main pad below. This is good for initiation duels or training so council members or clan leaders can watch with a birds-eye view. Other players cannot see the inside of the observation deck from the outside. There are 5 controls in the deck - The 2 door toggles, a lighting button that strikes the pad, a lightning reset button to fix glitchy lightning strikes, and a strobe light for climactic dueling below.
				- A second pad identical to the main one is placed high above the original. This pad is still accessable from the buildings, and is basically there to add more fighting space. Also good for private dueling, since the observation deck hangs below it.
				- The rooftops of all the buildings are now textured, with specific dueling environments on each one. The building above the elevator to the bottom pad near the lava has access to the rooftops and to the higher main pad.
				- The annoying slow elevator in the largest building has been removed, and is replaced with a sophisticated teleportation system allowing access to ALL FOUR FLOORS! The previously untextured room near the top has been textured and has a hatch for roof access.
				- A bar/lounge has been added to the level. You can find it where the door blocked by a box once was near the bottom of the map. Calming lava waterfalls relax you from battle as you sit around the dim-lit bar and chat with friends.
				- The lava glow is now brighter, and more realistic. This adds more light to the extremely dark bottom pad as well. It also lights up the building interiors with a more moody red glow.
				- Lava now splashes and has a red "underwater" color. Much more realistic, and now guaranteed to kill upon contact.
				- A more action packed music is implemented - the music for the final duel in singleplayer.

Enjoy! E-mail me any concerns or questions, and maybe one day a version 2 will be released.

Other info              : Ketchup is called "Fish eye soup" in Japan.

Additional Credits to   : Raven softeware, for making radiant.
Thanks to               : The SNJ clan for the hours of beta testing and ideas! snj,aowc.net
* Construction *
Base                    : made from scratch
Editor used             : gtk radiant 
Known Bugs              : none
Build/Animation time    : 1 month

* How to use this level *

Extract the pk3 file from the zip file and slap it in your base folder. Next time you play JKA multiplayer, you'll see Taspir: Clan Edition as a level selection under FFA and Team FFA. 

* Copyright / Permissions *


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