Taspir Hangar

I hope the author doesn't mind that I corrected his spelling in the title. A hanger is something you hang clothes on, after all. This, a [b...


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I hope the author doesn't mind that I corrected his spelling in the title. A hanger is something you hang clothes on, after all. This, a hangar, is where you store planes/starfighters. As you might have guessed by its game type, this map is rather small. Despite its small nature it manages to fit quite a few TIE fighters (not flyable, sorry!) and has a pseudo-second-level. Two sets of stairs lead up to a catwalk which houses six TIEs, three on each side. One light rather poorly illuminates the entire hangar.

As the author mentioned in his read-me, this map is very dark. That could be roughly translated to poor lighting, which is only half true. The lighting is not adequate, which is obvious, and there is only one light source in the map despite several light entities. The open skybox on either side doesn't really seem to be throwing any kind of light or shadows on the map, despite being very bright. It wouldn't be fair to say the lighting is awful, though, because it seems to be compiled properly and isn't all bad. I do hope it get fixed, though.

The rest of the map is decidedly monotone. For having such a brilliantly-colored skybox the inside is basically all one color -- from the TIE's to the walls -- and has very little detail to it. There's a fake door on one side, and there's the stairs, catwalk, and TIE's, but beyond that there's very little to look at! I know it's a military installation, but still... Something could be added to spruce it up aesthetically. Not to mention obstacles always make for more interesting gameplay. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, Powerduel


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Taspir Hanger
AUTHOR: Johnpp 
E-MAIL: Prio95@gmail.com  

FILENAME: taspir_hanger.pk3 
FILESIZE: 381 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 28 July 2007

CREDITS: Credits... I used some Raven models in the map, so Raven should go here. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract the contents of the .ZIP file, and copy the .PK3 file into your GameData/Base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This was a short duel/Power duel map I made in a couple of days, as I am a slow mapper. Anyway, the map is slightly based on a Taspir Hanger, or my idea of a Taspir hanger.

BUGS: If you find any, share please. 

COMMENTS: You may want to turn your brightness up a couple of notches. It is kind of dark.


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