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You may remember a while ago when I reviewed Darth Normans Jumpspace map that I said: I do hope you submit some of your other maps h...


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You may remember a while ago when I reviewed Darth Normans Jumpspace map that I said:

I do hope you submit some of your other maps here that I’ve seen on your site ( http://www.illusions-tec.de/dntuts/content.html ) Norman!

Well…that wish has just come true! Darth Norman has recently submitted 3 of his other superb maps here to JK3Files so expect to see them reviewed soon! ;)

This is Norman’s Taspir Outpost map. But this isn’t what you might think it is at first glance of the name. ;)

This is a duel map, which makes sense because it is quite small. The area you start off in is a very Taspir themed room, with loads of pipes and industrial looking stuff and a lava pit in the middle. There are two things that I thought were really cool about this room. The first one is the new lava texture, which I think looks a lot more realistic than the Base JKA one. The second thing is the really nice glass panels going all the way around the ceiling, architecturally this looks really nice. And if you press one of the consoles, shutters close over the top of the ceiling too, which looks cool.

All in all this is a nice sized room for a Duel or Power-Duel, and there’s plenty of detail crammed in there for you to look at whist your in spectator mode waiting for the current duel to finish. ;)

However, if you go towards what looks like the exit to the room, you will notice something a bit out of place for a Starwars map…an emergency exit type sign. :S Not only that, but there is a picture above it of a Lava field type place, with a giant egg in the middle. Seriously there is a giant egg in the middle!

Now you may be thinking that this is all a bit bizarre, but trust me, these are clues which lead to a very unusual but extremely cool part of the map! ;)

I’m not going to tell you the secret of how you get to the place in the picture, you should be able to work it out by looking at where the Exit sign is pointing and that is on the walls…that’s all I’m saying! :P

When you find the secret you will be teleported to the place in the picture. This part of the map is seriously incredible, it’s like a whole separate duel map. Its like a rocky lava-field type area (once again with that great lava texture) with a giant stone egg in the middle, chained to the ground. Around the egg spins loads of letters (some kind of Starwars type font) which looks really unusual, but very cool! And if you look up to the sky you will see a big hurricane shaped cloud spinning around over head, which looks great too! If you want to go back to the main area, just walk onto the little pad with the Exit sign and it will take you back.

I couldn’t really find any bugs with this map, the only thing that was a bit disappointing was that there was no music. :/

But besides that, this is a brilliant duel map with a very cool twist! ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: No Game Types: Duel, Power Duel


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Download 'taspir_outpost.zip' (2.56MB)


Author		:  Darth NormaN
e-mail		:  [email protected]
ICQ#		:  262187088

Mapname		:  Taspir Outpost
Filename	:  taspir_outpost.zip
Filesize	:  2.59 MB
Releasedate	:  15.09.2004

Gametypes	:  duel powerduel (ffa: 4 players supported)

Buildtime	:  about 1 month
Compiletime	:  55 min
Tester		:  myself ;P

Brushes		:  ~4000
Entities	:  ~450

Secret		:  Yes
Botsupport	:  Yes but not good
New textures	:  Yes
New music	:  No (no music is used)
New models	:  No

Describtion - Taspir Outpost

* totaly interactive level
* complex events without scripting
* new shaders (e.g. sky with clouds)
* terrain with phongshading
* impressing secret 
* My fifth map ever,third for JK3
* Map for a contest sponsored by www.jedi-knight3.de

Installation: -Easy!, put the .pk3-file into ...JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base !

GL + HF! ;)


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