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For those of you who recall, there was a deliciously sexy map known as Taspir Power Complex V3 that came out. See below for linky =_=. ht...


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For those of you who recall, there was a deliciously sexy map known as Taspir Power Complex V3 that came out. See below for linky =_=.


Now, a factor the authors were very keen about was making the map clan customizable. As you can see, a clan has in fact cashed in on it. One Clan Latino has made some additions and crafted their own additions to TPCV3, now making it more to their tastes.

So, case in point, it's a buncha net pictures, and some custom plates. The plates are very bland. Basically an MS paintjob, filling the background with a deep red and then putting fancy letters in different color/font to compensate. Oddly enough, they included pics of some that weren't changed. Ah well, who cares, eh?

In the clan? Know the clan? Wanna get to know and/or get in the clan? GET THIS FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE THEN =_=

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
 Taspir Power Complex V3's Clan Latino logos and bedrooms' pictures
TITLE**: Taspir Power Complex V3's Clan Latino logos and bedrooms' pictures
AUTHOR**: Jackspicer/Surrender 
E-MAIL**: paco_20047@hotmail.com 
WEBSITE: http://clanlatino.superforo.net 

FILENAME: TPC_V3_mods.pk3 
FILESIZE: 3.848 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 10 july 2008 

CREDITS**: I would give credits to anyone whose work I used or borrowed, including graphics and models (or any type of voice acting or in-game acting, for videos).

Parka Ragnos for helping me on the server testing the logos on the map

All the members in clan Latino for giving me what did they want to have in his/her room

Especially thanks to Parabolic Mind - NAB622, Hypernova, PhasmatisApparatus, Ghosthree3, Yami_Ryou, StolenBlade, Diablo, Phred and Adrian for creating the map, thx!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Just put the .pk3 file in your base directory 

(default.- MI PC/Disco local C/archivos de programa/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/Base)

DESCRIPTION**: I would describe my file here, as clearly and completely as possible. This helps people understand what they're downloading. 

First, the logo, i did make all the logos in the mod, the huge, medium and little logos


Pancho.- He likes Megadeth, so I put disc covers from the band, i like too much that room, hope u too pancho

Leo.- He likes so much the Simpsons, i put in the Plasma TV a pic of Omero grabbing Bart in the neck, another pic of the Simpsons movie, and one omero screaming like one famous picture

Luke.- He likes so much the peace and love, lol so I put a sun, a pic of Querétaro (a city) and a poster of Luke Skywalker on his bedroom

Jackspicer.- I like so much Iron Maiden Music and covers, so i didnt take so much time to deside what i was supposed to put, i put  Run to The Hills cover in one pic, and in the TV i put Bruice Dickinson singing in a concert.

Parka Ragnos.- He likes Marka Ragnos, so i put in his TV a draw of Marka, and I put a photo of him.

Tannia.- She likes fashion, or i think that, so i put her pic of the messenger (glasses) and a pic of Jan Ors from Jedi Outcast

Necros.- He likes Final Fantasy, i put some pictures of Cloud and Sephiroth in fire, i likesd it.

BUGS: I haven't found bugs in our mod. but if u found one, plz let me know

COMMENTS: None, lol 

CONTACT ME:  my e-mail: paco_20047@hotmail.com


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