Tatooine Cave

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Most of the time I preach the KISS rule. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes though, the less is more rule is taken a bit too far, and then there's nothing interesting to see at all. This duel map by Rebel Guard does have a few nice design elements. I like the cave itself. The map could use some more eye candy though. Also, for a cave, this seems a bit bright. Then again, it could also just be my settings are a bit off.

Duel maps do need to remain simple, but this one is just too bland for my taste. Also, I've come to expect at least one little extra included with a map, like bot support or a new texture or something. This map doesn't even have music. :( If this is a first attempt for you, Rebel Guard, it's a good start and I expect your next map to look much better and have more included to make it worth the download. :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, Powerduel




Tatooine Cave
Version 1.0

© Copyright 2003 Jedi Knights of the New Republic

Released: October 15, 2003

Game Modes: Duel, Power Duel
Bot Routing:No
Custom Music and Textures: No

Installation: Extract the tatooine_cave.pk3 file to your ...../GameData/base folder.

Bugs: None that I know of.

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