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TATOOINE MAP FOR THE VICTORY. This map was rather tastefully done, to the point where it's actually...RPable, to an extent. (gasp) So...


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This map was rather tastefully done, to the point where it's actually...RPable, to an extent. (gasp)

So, first off, the premises, as stated by the author:

This is a place where travelers going through the desert may stop for a drink, rest or other activities.

Eloquently said. Now what he didn't mention was how he made his atmosphere very well. I mean he's thought it out very well. From the ambient NPCs in the bar to the textures to the ambient droid parts strewn everywhere. This map works so very well in so many ways that you really can't lose with it. Bah, listen to me gushing. Enough with this, A BRIEF TEXTUAL PREVIEW I SAY!

The exterior of the outpost actually looks like similar to the Skywalker homestead in Episode IV, save for some modifications here and there. Almost right from the get go you'll notice there are several control panels that can be activated. These activate a diverse medley of NPCs that you may have the pleasure of combatting. Once you enter inside via the dwelling, the exploration begins. Connected by hallways with machinery, wires, powerlines, and cracked surfaces, one can find the following:

- Bar, complete with optional ambient NPCs(activated via panel outside entrance) - Prison Cells - Generator Room - Various machinery room(not sure what to call it XD) - Armory/Locker Room - Bedrooms - "Arena" with side bar. - Storage Chamber(s)

All of these areas are so beautifully crafted I feel ashamed for condensing them. Now, onto some of the suggested areas for improvement:

- The Music: Now first off, let me say that I have absolutely NO problem with the music, and that I honestly enjoy the fact that the author decided to actually go with crystal clear sound quality from a soundtrack versus using stock Raven sounds. In fact, I used to hate the cantina music, but now that I could hear it in a higher quality, I'm not so irked about it. What I AM irked about is that you chose to make the music a sound object versus actually making the background music. Why is this? Background music can be stopped with soundstop. Looping sounds, however, cannot. This proves to be quite a problem, as the only solution to fixing this would either be to delete the sound files in the pk3, or turn down your sound effects volume. Not a fun choice to make, especially since you have great music here. Now I understand what was being done here, and I can appreciate that from a certain viewpoint, but not everyone likes to listen to the map's music. In a V2, here is what I suggest happen:

1.) make the desert outpost music the primary background music. 2.) make the jukebox usable, and have the bar music toggleable.

That way, you won't risk turning away players, not that I really foresee that being a problem.

The only other problem I see:

- Doors: Some doors lack ambient sound. Others don't open, and some SHOULD open. Well, by some, I mean the big cargo door could have been openable. As for the doors with nothing behind them, I suggest making them usable and have them play the locked sound when used. Either that or uh...you could put stuff behind them maybe? in a V2? Maybe? =_,o

Other than that, those were the ONLY two improvements I noted, and even those were relatively minor in comparison to how malevolently magnificent this map is. I see a bright future and a lot of use coming out of this map, from many crowds, really.

I needn't say anymore. The screenshots and Submit Unto Filefront button should do the rest of my job for me =_,=

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Tatooine Outpost
AUTHOR: Lou_Tranch
E-MAIL: louis.tranchitella@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.loutranchitella.com

FILENAME: tatooine_outpost.pk3

"The Desert, The Robot Auction" by John Williams (Star Wars Trilogy Disc 1)
"Cantina Band" by John Williams (Star Wars Trilogy Disc 4)
"Cantina Band #2" by John Williams (Star Wars Trilogy Disc 4)
GAME TYPES: ffa/tffa/duel/powerduel

DESCRIPTION: You have stopped at a destert outpost on Tatooine. There are unfriendlies lurking around if you choose to spawn them. Proceed with caution!

COMMENTS: When you spawn into the map, you find yourself at a desert outpost on Tatooine. It's a place where travelers between major cities might stop by for a rest or some other types of activities. Explore around above and below ground. There are consoles throughout the map to spawn NPCs. Not all are friendly. Search around for some weapons other than your light saber, you may need them.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install this map, unzip the file and place the pk3 file in your base folder. To uninstall, simply remove the pk3 from your base folder.

CAUTION!!! I would warn you against trying to spawn all of the NPCs at one time. Some older machines may not be able to handle all of the spawns.

CREDITS: I would like to thank the guys over a Map-Craft for providing feedback, suggestions and help during the construction of this map.

Credit for the R2D2 model goes to Sith-J-Cull and Kessno. This model was borrowed from SJC's SJC_JKG_PREVIEW map with permission.

COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS: The textures in the folder titled tatooine_outpost_default are default Jedi Knight Jedi Academy textures that I altered for use in the map. The textures in the folder titled tatooine_outpost are custom textures created specifically for this map. If you wish to use any of the custom textures or models used in this map, please contact me first at the email address listed above or through my website.

BUGS: There are no known major bugs, if you find any please email me at the above address. You may find some sparklies and misaligned textures.


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