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When it comes to RPG maps, Averus is pretty much your man to count on to tell you if an RPG map is good or not. He is extra scrutinizing wit...


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When it comes to RPG maps, Averus is pretty much your man to count on to tell you if an RPG map is good or not. He is extra scrutinizing with RPG maps with RP clearly the purpose. As such, expect borderline or outright harsh commentary from this camp throughout this review, because this map practically fails at being a good RPG map.

At first, I must say I was excited. Not many people do tatooine RPG maps. Just not a popular place to do a thick story in. However, upon retruthanspect (call that my horrible 6th sense mutilating retrospect,) it focused, in my opinion, on the wrong elements. Granted, there are some neat features here, so let's divert from the negative here for a bit:

- The layout: the map layout and design wasn't actually that bad at all. You have the typical rural tatooine town with a not-so-typical arena(featuring an NPC spawner,) the vast desert with a sand crawler, a small homestead with a parked landspeeder, and a small tusken village. If you use a vehicle, you can fly upwards toward the sky and exit into space. A nice, relatively uncommon feature.

- Points = money: There are a number of spawns, weapons and vehicles alike, that require you to use your points to spawn/acquire the item.

- Decent Design: The majority of what he has now is respectably well designed, minus a few errors here and there.

Unfortunately, this is where the positive end stops. Now we move onto the aspects that require pretty much immediate assistance.

- One Interior: That's right, there is ONE interior in the entire map, unless you count the tusken tents and sandcrawler inside as interiors. Guess what that one interior is? That's right, a bar. Not even a good one, really. There's very few seats, the texturing is completely unmatched to the atmosphere, the door doesn't have any noise when opened,the lighting is questionable, and the curtains in the corner only have one side to them. This basically renders the village almost useless, more eye candy than it is actually useful. Ah yes, speaking of that sandcrawler interior...

- THERE IS NO SANDCRAWLER INTERIOR: This one nearly threw me into a rage that woulda prompted throwing my monitor out the window. JA SP shows a decent representation of a sandcrawler interior, and the author pisses away this fact and makes it this giant hollow box with wheels. Okay, so there is like *A* catwalk with a jetpack spawn, but the rest of it is barren, save for the spawns. Since when did Jawas sell tauntauns anyway? Wouldn't swoops be a more appropriate spawn?

- Spawns were an eyesore: There's no bigger buzzkill for me than walking into a tusken village, a village signifying simplicity and savagery, and seeing a disruptor and tauntaun spawner in the middle of it, in the open. The spawns pretty much killed the atmosphere heavily, and could have been crafted a little more artistically, rather than the same spawns over and over again.

- Space Area was terrible: I wish I could put it nicely, but I can't. This area was downright irritating to behold. Whilst I had no complaint about the rough asteroids, there's not much originality or role-play value in having two color-opposing recreations of FFA Bespin from Jedi Knight 2 floating about in space. Mind you these are also open air, so enjoy the fresh space air whilst you can. To further add insult to injury here, they didn't bother even expanding on the recreation much either, as the doors here don't open.

Overall, the negatives outweigh the positives here, as this map is fit for only a VERY crude RP session. We're talking like caveman crude here. At this point, I can only hope the author can take this review and apply it to improve this map heavily. It needs it.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'tatooine_rpg.zip' (9.42MB)

TITLE: Tatooine RpG
E-MAIL: neftalisss@hotmail.com

Bot Support: no
New Textures: yes
New Sounds: No
New Music: no
Game Types: FFA,CTF

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the *.pk3 file into your BASE folder. 

On this occasion he created a map where experimental mechanisms rpg includes the map in si.The map set in this part of tattoine where we can find a small town with bars, houses (closed) and a sort of coliseum where you can NPC kill. find caves, luke's house, the boat jawa and other surprises.
The part that I like most of the map is lame when a vessel and directs you to reach for the sky has the galaxy where you will find space EXAS 2 seasons with the base of Bespin jk2.
This part of the map where the Bespin can play CBC.
I hope they understand the mechanism that I have with the symbols -1 -10 -100 used to transfer points (on this occasion called him credits) for a player to jugador.the player pressing the button that sends the credits to the player who is waiting on the tarmac in front.
Weapons and vehicles are showing up for sale cost when approaching.
We recommend the presence of an admin in each game rpg to monitor that nobody spends more points which have ... unless someone can be programmed to record a mod points.
I hope you enjoy it and above all understand the main idea of the map:).

special thanks:


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