Taun Taun Knight

This is a re-skin of the in-game Saboteur and Taun Taun models by RaSiN HeCk and Maddog. The Saboteur is now an armored knight of the Taun T...


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This is a re-skin of the in-game Saboteur and Taun Taun models by RaSiN HeCk and Maddog. The Saboteur is now an armored knight of the Taun Taun family, as evidenced by the crest on his armor. The Taun Taun has been given body plating also, harkening back to the medieval times of knight and mount plunging into battle and bodies, war machine atop another powerful war machine smiting foes.

The names of RaSiN HeCk and Maddog instantly excite me, each being formidable skinners in their own right. Together they have brought an incredible submission to us. The readme brings even more names into the collective: AutoCept, Ravage, and Daku, names familiar to all of us here (See readme for list of credits). The skins are exceptionally done, simple yet complete. The detail is astounding, yet not too overt as to draw undue attention to itself. There are three skins available for choice from the Taun Taunic Knight: default (gray metal-plate and chainmail armor), blue (bluish plate armor with a blue under-tunic), and last the red or Dark Knight (black armoring with red accents). The Taun Taun comes in two flavors, armored with the default styling or "evil" with bloodied horns and darker armor. It's also available as a NPC or a NPC vehicle.

This could easily be a 10/10 if all the "necessities" (bot support, team support, and new sounds) were there. All that needs to be done is add those and maybe some subtle metallic shaders to the armor on the skins.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Wow! Great design, concept, etc. 2) New NPC and vehicle selections.

Cons: 1) No bot support or new sounds! AH!!!

Rating: 9/10

Bot Support: No. Team Colors: Yes. New Sounds: No.

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Download 'tauntaunknight.zip' (1.64MB)

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Title : TaunTaunic Knight
Author(s) :Concept and most Skinning: RaSiN HeCk
           'Evil' Taun Taun: Maddog
E-Mail :RaSiN HeCk [email protected]
        Maddog [email protected]

File Name : tauntaunknight.zip
File Size : 1.47 mb
Date Released : 2/01/04

Description : This is a Knight that rides a Taun Taun!(included in the pack). There are three Knights and two Taun Tauns!
my insperation started when I was on a server with cheats and I jumped on a Taun Taun and thought 'the Sabotuer would look so
sweet on this thing!" and I have to say it does!

Taun Taunic Knight: By RaSiN HeCk, just a regular Knight with Team Colors; a Black Knight and a uhm...Blue Knight?!

armored Taun Taun: By RaSiN HeCk and Maddog, pretty much an armor clad Taun Taun!

'Evil' Taun Taun: by Maddog, an evil looking beast that goes good with the black knight!

Comments : This skin was simple, but hard to do at the same time. first time I've worked with a NPC vehicle, and skinned one.
and the Sabotuer is an intresting model too! it has a face plate on it's helmet, but I couldn't get it in game, so perhaps in
a future release I can solve that problem. I'm also toying with the idea of different breeds of Taun Tauns!

Installation: extract contents of the tauntaunknight.zip to the base folder in your JKA directory (Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight/gamedata/base)
to spawn the Taun Tauns enable cheats, devmap (mapname). Then open console and type /npc spawn vehicle armoredtauntaun. to spawn Maddog's tauntaun type /npc spawn vehicle maddogtauntaun

Thank yous: Kudos to Cloud_Guy and AutoCept, wouldn't have started skinning with out them. Maddog for making a Taun Taun skin, and
showed me how Mod View works with his handy tut (add url here). And Daku and Ravage for helping me on multiple topics.

Please contact me if you want to edit/skin any of these skins, cause some what a lot of effort when into them.

Legal Stuff:

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