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Ahh good old CTF, one of my favourite gametype’s! To be honest I am pretty disappointed that I have never made a CTF map myself, though I di...


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Ahh good old CTF, one of my favourite gametype’s! To be honest I am pretty disappointed that I have never made a CTF map myself, though I did try one, many, many moons ago…

From what I understand from what the readme says, this is a recreation of a map from the classic Team Fortress game, though having never played that game I cant comment on that particular point. The maps name is pretty self explanatory though, with a fortress on each side of the map with a building containing a somewhat maze like interior in the middle, separating the two team bases. The flag itself is situated on top of a large tower and the only way up is a small walkway that winds itself around the tower. Force speed is definitely out of the question when trying to take a flag in this position, as there are no railings… So unless you want to fly like superman, before abruptly splattering on the ground below, I wouldn’t try using force speed to get up this walkway! :P

Also of note are the glowing forcefield’s at the bottom, near where you spawn. Don’t walk into these, otherwise you will be fried, no matter which team you are on! Whilst it be a bit annoying to be killed by your own defences, it does make your opponent think twice before trying to attack your spawn points (a dishonourable tactic anyway). I also liked the rather amusing warning poster emblazoned upon the top of the central building, check the screenies below! There is also some custom music, which sounds great, and compliments the map nicely!

This definitely has the potential to be a very fun CTF map, although there are a few areas that I feel still need some work. The main thing is that this map is very, very dark. The inside areas are lit up ok, but the outside areas are very dark indeed, making it difficult to see much in the outside areas. Whilst this may prove to be an interesting gameplay feature – making your enemies more difficult to spot – I still think it was rather too dark. The other area is the construction of the map itself. I would have liked to see some more detail in the map, since many of the walls are flat with relatively plain textures (although I was pleased to see some good custom textures in there too). Adding some pipes, vents, or pillars always adds some nice architectural detail to the map.

As I said though, this has great potential, it just needs a bit more work. That said though, I did enjoy the map and so I look forward to any new maps you make MooMooMonkey!

If you guys like the look of this map, then make sure to give it a download! :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Bot Routes: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF


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Title  :  Team Forts!
Author  :  MooMooMonkey
E-Mail  :
File Name  :  Team_Forts!
File Size  :  19.7 MB
Date Finished   :  2-17-09
Date Released   : 2-18-09

	This map is a reflected base map based on an old Team Fortress Classic map I played
years ago. I loved it so much, I made this small representation of it! Of course, some of the
things in the original map are left out due to my lack of memory and my lack of remembering the
name of it to play it on my own in my TFC game. So, instead of going through the entire
collection of maps in my game, I decided to go on memory and call it something different. Now,
a note: It is playable on Free for All, but I highly suggest you play on Team Free for All or
Capture the Flag.
	Another note, though again, highly suggested, stay out of the other team's spawn areas.
There are three in total, one on the very bottom, the other two on the top of the bases. I
couldn't exactly find a way to keep things like Red Team out of Blue Team's spawns or vise-versa,
so I guess that can't be helped unless someone is willing to help on that. Until a way is figured
out, or if there is no way, don't go into the other team's spawn or throw grenades into it or
stand outside and shoot them as they come out or what have you. That's always a good way to get
yourself kicked off the server!
	And one final note, I highly suggest using Tobe's recent (as of February 7, 2009)
CT Elite Force mod 2.0. It's a really fun mod when used with this map. It really gets nostalgic
when using the weapons like the gattling or the shotgun. =_,O Also go for SithMasteR555's Gordan
Freeman file for his crowbar if you really, really want to feel nostalgic with it. No, I wasn't
paid to advertise their awesome files, but I think it wouldn't hurt to get a little moola, no?
Come on, Tobe, I know you've got some hidden stash hiding somewhere. =D Nah, I do this completely
for fun! But anyway, even though you've got the crowbar and all those guns instead of sabers, I'd
rather you stick to first-person guns.

Map includes:
-Reflected team bases (same stuff on each side, just edited a bit)
-Awesome red and blue team logos (personally, I like the Blue Angels one, but I know you guys will like the Rockin' Red logo)
-Laser fences in blue and red on ground level (don't touch! =_,O)
-Ammunition Cache for all your cool weapon needs on the elevated floor
-Spawn Areas for each side with a couple med packs, shield packs and a couple of ammunition packs (please share with your teammates)
-Two ways into each base from the middle building:
	~Ground level accessible from top floor and ground floor
	~Middle level accessible from middle floor
-Sniper tower on the right of each base with a turret, rifle and power-cell ammunition below
-Three turrets on the right side of each base on top of small buildings
-One large tower for each team (clearly labeled with the team's logo) for where the flag pops up
-Clipping on the flag tower so the enemies can't grab the flag and instantly jump off onto the ground level and run away. People need more of a challenge!
-Lower level battlements to defend ground level
-Various battlements on the elevated floor inside buildings and whatnot
-One large wall-thing to stop flag tower sniping =p Though I had it so you can snipe the far side of the sniper tower from the flag tower
-The large, poorly made painting with a demand from me on this large wall
-My first bot support attempt (Huzzah! Everyone loves a classic, right?). It's poor, but it's there

~Team Fortress Classic for giving me a great map to represent!
~To Whomever created the map, for obvious reasons!
~Valve for creating TFC.
~Wal-Mart for selling me my first copy of Half-Life with TFC as a bonus in the package.
~STEAM for letting me go online easily with it (I've not had any crashes with it, don't see why others do). O_o
~Anyone who listens to politeness and does not take advantage of certain aspects (like the spawn areas, stay out!).
~The creators of Radiant and Jedi Academy, obviously.
~Laam'inui for giving me the .mp3 for the music.
~The people who made the Halo 2 soundtrack: Unyielding.

	Put the pk3 file, team_Forts, into your Gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Knight 3:
Jedi Academy directory.

	Quite frankly, I'm not sure if you could use this for anything, really. Maybe a
Team Fortress Classic mod or something, which would be awesome. But, in any case, ask me first
before using this for something like that. I get a little bit more aggravated when someone uses
my maps without telling me about it, compared to my skins. So ask me, I'll most likely say yes
anyway, so it's just a matter of sending me an E-mail and waiting for my reply (won't take long,
I'm on every other day or so to check up on it).

The legal stuff...:

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