Temple of the Dragon

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*NOTE: This map contains a file yavin.shader from JK2, this will bork up many of the new yavin shaders in JK3!*

When I first spawned I was greeted by a nice looking, petit garden with its own chinese bridge and bench to put my feet up on. The design of this garden is pretty simple however it has detail enough to look nice and would be good for dueling in.

You walk into a teleporter that is an image of the council chamber to go...into the council chamber unsurprisingly! I must say this room is nicely done, I particularly like the dragon flag fluttering in the breeze, it shimmers like water. The thrones are nicely done, looking sharp like dragons fangs and as though they are really plastic (I know they're notsupposed to be but the environment map makes them look like black shiny plastic which I really liked). In the council chamber though the environment mapping is slightly excessive and doesn't work well on the black floor, it is too strong.

I entered the first transporter which took me into a small cliff-side rock room which a weird pattern on the floor. I saw two buttons, hitting the one on the left changed the music to a song I don't recognise but I didn't mind, was quite quiet and I like it when the music doesn't sound like I'm in a concert. I hit the button on the right and then a rancor vehicle appeared next to me..although at first I jumped back and squeeled cuz I thought it was going to attack me :) (No sleep, I was hallucinating!)

I headed back off to the council chamber and then went thru the second teleporter to find myself outside again in what appeared to be the floor of a temple, kinda like ruins of very very old; more buttons to press here to spawn things and change the music. This is a perfect dueling area, flat ground in the centre, little decor around the edge in a nice bright skybox.

The next transporter took me into a weird futuristic room where each corner has a bounce pad which is fun when you're diving around and accidentally touch one, the wall texture in here was stretched somewhat though and I found that displeasing. Two more buttons here, music again and a reborn spawner - these button respawners are great for those of you on a server with no other people yet. Makes it choosably interactive :)

Finally I went through the last transporter to find myself in no other than a (slightly trimmed down) version of the dojo from the first Matrix film where you could of course spawn someone to kill :) The only problem with this room was the light beam effects on one side of the room, the walls themselves were not bright so it was effectively a dim wall where sunlight was mysteriously coming through. In this room, you also had the music button but this time, of course, it was some Matrix music which is a very good choice, it's one of my favorite Matrix tracks.

There are secrets on this map, most noteably the flashing discotheque with funky music known as "Shady's Dragon Bar". I've always been a fan of bars simply because they are totally unneeded in any map but the mapper puts in the effort to make them anyway for a chill zone. Being a secret they are often declared as no kill zones which pleases many people who believe in nokill area's. In my travels I also found what appears to be a secret council room that takes a slight knights of the round table theme and warps it into a dragon clans idea of a council room. The music is very very mellow in here and fitting for the name dragon. There are more secret rooms but I'll leave you to find them on your own :)

Overall, a nice map, it may be a clan map but it is a nice map and worthy of anyones base folder. Neatly mapped out, nice texturing and suitable for FFA, tournaments and dueling as well as those of you who are plain bored and want a fun mini world to explore!

New Models: Yes (Q3 based) Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes





Title			: Temple of the Dragon	 
Author			: Night Shade
E-Mail			: [email protected]		

File Name		: Dragon10	
File Size		: 26 MB
Date Released		: 9/4/03

Description		: Tourney map built for the [Dragon] clan  
Comments		: Thank you Rich Diesel for creating those excellent tutorials, the lucasforums
			  Community for being patient with me and answering all my questions,
			  NwO Deadlock who inspired me with his excellent version of
			  the Matrix Dojo and cool textures, Dad'Mad thank you for making
			  such kewl shiny textures.... thank you to all my beta testers
			  [Dragon]Wulf, [Dragon]Razik [Dragon]Innovision, and [Dragon]White.
			  Thank you also [Dragon]Razik for creating the new Dragon banners and 
			  [Dragon]White for helping me with the bar textures.

Side Note		: There are several additions added to the map that are built for JA alone.  
		  	  I do not even know if it will work under JK2.  I do plan to do an update of
			  this map for JK2, but that is still down the road a bit.  I hope you all enjoy
			  what this map has to offer.  

			  *****Fair warning for server admins: *********
			  activating too many NPC's at one time can lag or even cause your server to reboot.  During the beta
			  test, we had approximately 30 NPC's going before this problem started happening.
			  For this reason, I added a forced wait time on the switches that spawn the NPC's
			  to help prevent people from doing this deliberately.  It makes it very difficult to spawn
			  multiple NPC's and typically, the NPC will kill a person just standing there trying 
			  to hit the spawn button ;)  If you start having trouble with this, a quick /rcon map_restart
			  will clear all the NPC's and should refresh the the server.  I truly think that the NPC's
			  add a nice touch, especially if you are alone on the server it gives you someone to fight.
			  (and they can be very difficult to beat at times :)

			  JA also appears to have a problem with music being able to play over itself several times.
			  I have worked on this problem for hours without coming to any good resolution other than to say
			  "dont hit the music switch more than once."  In JO, this was not a problem and there 
			  is no difference in the switches.  So my only hope is that the patch for JA will include this fix.


The music in this map was not produced/edited or in any way shape or form made by the
author of this map.  This map was created specifically for the enjoyment of those in the
JA gaming community.

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