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Well, the author has taken the comments about his first version and implemented them into this one, as well as fixing some bugs.

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Well, the author has taken the comments about his first version and implemented them into this one, as well as fixing some bugs.

The author hasn't done that much with the main room, other than enlarging the pedestal where you place the three Spiritual Stones. But, instead of putting three stones on the pedestal, he placed two large sheilds as well as a medpack, which is nice seeing as it's star wars. But it also detracts from the Legend of Zelda theme. As I said before, it would have been nice if the detail on the Door of Time hade been modeled on, instead of just textured on.

In the room with the Master Sword there hasn't been that much changed. The only thing changed was that there is now a Master Sword! But it isn't solid, and it doesn't move when the pedestal moves. That could have been done better. The Master Sword also seems...small... Either that or the pedestal's too big.

In the room with the Seven Sages there hasn't been much, if any change. The only thing I noticed (and I'm not sure if it was in the first version or not) was that the area underneath the pads wasn't solid, which I guess means that there are waterfalls under each pad.

Zelda's Garden has definitely undergone the most change. Although there wasn't that much changed, it is very apparent. The author has modeled flowers for this part of the map, although they are plain, and consist of two colors, even though there are flowers of different colors. The trees also seemed...plain...But that's just me. The author has also raised the water level so that you can get out. The lighting in this part of the map just seemed too dark. It's an area with no roof, so you would expect it to have good lighting. It should be a lot brighter. So should the main part of the temple as well. It was never dark in the game. If it's the Light Temple, then it should have lots of light!

Well, the author has also fixed the sky texture so that it doesn't interfere with the texture for Taspir, so that's nice.

Well, if you liked the first map, or if you like Zelda, then you might like this.

New Music: Yes (same as before) New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes Bot Support: No


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Download 'temple_of_timev_2.zip' (4.07MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Zelda V_2
AUTHOR**: Jeffrey Jacob 
E-MAIL**: [email protected] 
WEBSITE: none 

FILENAME: Temple of time.pk3 
FILESIZE: 4.06 mb 
DATE RELEASED: 7 April 2006 

CREDITS**: I give credit to nintendo because I used textures and music from Zelda Ocarina of Time,and map idea;) 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Put pk3 into your gamedata/base/ dir 

DESCRIPTION**: Ths is the temple of time with the light temple and zeldas garden.

BUGS: A few minor bugs that i need to fix, but now most things are fixed. 

COMMENTS: This is first update to my first Map! Pretty big update, I make master sword flowers and trees. I do some better
lighting and i fix bugs.This is not final version, I still need to do some bot support, better music but I still will
try to improve on the niceness. By the way if anyone wants to help feel free to email me!


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