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Well, this is version three of the Temple of Time. And I must say, there are some nice changes in this version. The most changes that have b...


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Well, this is version three of the Temple of Time. And I must say, there are some nice changes in this version. The most changes that have been done are based around the Room of Sages, and Zelda's Garden.

I still say that the main room needs to be a lot brighter. It's just too dark for the Temple of Time, otherwise known as the Light Temple. If it's a Light Temple, there should be more light!

Okay. Room of Sages. The author has added the triforce symbol onto the ground, as well as adding the Sage Medallions onto the floor. He has also added some effects on the platforms, further giving them the waterfall effect. I think he's also expanded the room, as well. the only thing was that if you got high enough you'd see the other skies, which could use some fixing.

Zelda's Garden. First off, the map is much brighter. Bushes have been modeled in. Although they could use a bit more detail, they were nice to have around. Ooh! Surprise! The author has added windows to the map! You can see Ganon, and two Hyrule guards through it, although they look like cardboard cutouts. Which is basically what they are, just photosourced images. The resolution on them wasn't that great, so I couldn't make out much detail. Another window has a picture of Mario and Peach in it. The other one is just there. You can break the windows, too! So for this area, just a little more work with the images. I don't expect you to make a Ganon or Hyrule Guard model just for this map, that would take a tremendous amount of time. But still, it's something to think about. You might even ask a modeller for help!

There are some very nice improvements in this map. If you liked the other ones, then this is for you!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: (same as previous versions) New Models: Yes


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Download 'temple_of_time_v3fixed.zip' (4.22MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: Zelda V_3(fixed)
AUTHOR**: Jeffrey Jacob 
E-MAIL**: Jangojeff1@hotmail.com 
WEBSITE: none 

FILENAME: Temple of time.pk3 
FILESIZE: 4.18 mb 
DATE RELEASED: 17 April 2006 12:34

CREDITS**: I give credit to nintendo because I used textures and music from Zelda Ocarina of Time,and map idea;) 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Put pk3 into your gamedata/base/ dir 

DESCRIPTION**: Ths is the temple of time with the light temple and zeldas garden.

BUGS: There may be some if some are "buggin" you tell me, dont bug me about water! 

COMMENTS: Ive done it the next update!There are still things to be done. But much of my goals have been completed And my ganon can stand some work along with the soldiers, I may Moddel
them!If I go as far as that ill just moddel a zelda too! I modeled the three stones and animated them but in game they dont
move if anyone wants to fix the animations for me plz email ;), otherwise I give up. 


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