TFU Black Saber



better than Rosh. Anyways, one of the neat features about this game is you can change your lightsaber crystal anytime when you find them. You can find all the colors ; blue, green, red, purple, orange, yellow, and there is one bonus crystal you find on the final Death Star mission: a negative crystal. Yes, I said negative, as this crystal makes the lightsaber blade emit a black core with a white glow, and let me tell you, it looks awesome. Spior has perfectly recreated this, even though I never found that crystal (damn!) I've seen plenty of videos and images with it, and this is probably an exact replica. It comes with its bugs, though. It replaces the orange blade, so when you go near a wall or close to the floor you get an orange glow radiating off the walls, instead of the color of the blade. It also doesn't feature dynamic glow, so when you turn it on you still get the same thin glow you get without it. Keep in mind that the fact that this replaces the orange blade will create problems if you have pre-installed saber color mods. Nice work, though, and if you make a version 2, I insist you fix the problems I said. Enjoy.~Authuran


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