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***NOTE*** This file is in a .rar format rather than .zip. This isnt a problem since both filetypes are very similar, but if you need to,...


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***NOTE*** This file is in a .rar format rather than .zip. This isnt a problem since both filetypes are very similar, but if you need to, you can download WinRAR here;

The Force Unleashed is coming! Although unfortunately not to the PC, which I and a good many others are disgruntled about…

However, never fear, for the modding community for our very own Jedi Academy can make up for that by releasing Force Unleashed themed mod’s like this one here that Roel182 brings us. Building upon his previous experience with his other 2 versions of the Starkiller skin this time he has decided to use a new model for the skin, the "Jedi_hm" model.

This certainly does look like ‘Vader’s secret apprentice’ or ‘Starkiller’ as he is now known. The author has done a good job making this skin, the clothes are pretty accurate to what we have seen from the actual game footage of The Force Unleashed so far, and the skin has been well made.

Another plus point is that team skins are included, and a nice little touch is that the area around the eyes of the red team skin has been darkened, which kinda gives him the look of a real nasty dark sider! :) I do think the skin could do with some custom sounds, but since The Force Unleashed hasn’t even been released yet we have only heard a few snippets of what Starkiller actually sounds like. Saying that however, the sounds have been changed to what seem to be ones from a Reborn, which actually fit quite well.

All in all then a good skin here, well made and a must for anyone who is looking forward to the upcoming new game. ;)

New Sounds: Yes (From one of the Reborn soundsets I think) Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes


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Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Starkiller (The Force Unleashed)
AUTHOR: Roel182 
FILENAME: Starkiller
DATE RELEASED: 6 july 08

CREDITS: Credits go to HOUHOU for the lower part of the skin I used and for the lightsaber.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder

DESCRIPTION: My thirt (and much better) version of the hidden apprentice from the new yet to be released game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed".
Has a default skin and a blue team and red team skin (respectivly light and dark side).

BUGS: - The backhand lightsaber only works if the server supports it (but when you play Solo it definatly works).
- The backhand lightsaber sometimes goes trough the body (when doing kata's).

COMMENTS: After trying stuff with the "Jedi2" model from Raven Software and the "HS Anakin Skywalker" model from HapSlash,
I finally found the perfect model for this character: the "Jedi_hm" model!
I used a bald head, combined a torso with a different pair of arms (new arms where needed to make the bandages look best) and putted the smooth straight pants underneath.
Then I added parts of HOUHOU's "Jedi Supporter" skin (the buckles around the waist and the bandages around the lower legs are really great).
The .pk3 file also includes HOUHOU's "Backhand Lightsabers" mod as a little extra.
From a gameplay point of view it's not such an intresting mod, but it brings you closer to a The Force Unleashed experience.
It doesn't have NPC of bot support, maybe when people really like it I'll add it.
Overall I have to say this is the best of the 3 models I made because this one resembles the real Starkiller the most!


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