It seems to me that the most popular style of FFA map has to be the Jedi Council or clan map type. Well, not the typical clan map ... more l...


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It seems to me that the most popular style of FFA map has to be the Jedi Council or clan map type. Well, not the typical clan map ... more like the TMBJ map or the Dragon clan map. There are a few maps that set the standard for others. Like Griffinclaw's Jedi Council map. The TFW clan map definitely seems inspired by that.

The main area has pillars and a ceiling designed much like the one in GCJC. But the textures are thankfully very different, and there seems to be a lot more attention paid to the details in this map than GC's. The second screenshot there shows the one room I have mixed feelings about. I love the room itself, the platform and even the textures (though they do seem a bit too bland). I don't like the lava. I understand why it's there, I just don't like how it looks in this room. *shrug* Sometimes I'm very picky. :) I wasn't too impressed with the requisite bar, but there's nothing for me to complain about either. Oh, the fourth screenshot there shows a close shot of the stairs and the lift to that door. While I like how it looks, it's a bit much. Two sets of stairs and a small lift? It kinda bugs me, but meh ... whatever. I think one of my favorite areas is outside. I love the setting sun, the shadows ... the screenshots really don't do this map justice. :/ Oh, and see that one screenshot with the marks on the concrete there? Okay, yikes. Was that someone's really bad landing or ... something else? I started wondering if there was something out in those trees waiting to spawn and eat me. S ... I spectated for the other screenshots. LOL

Of course there's a council room. Coolest part about this though, is that there's a button that will allow you to lock or unlock the council door. Oh, and there are a couple of guards hanging out at the door. But they're fairly useless. Neither of them even noticed my presence.

There's a tournament room that is VERY much like the one in GC's map. Actually, it's the exact same design, but improved. The only thing I don't like in this room is the seating. They work fine if you're watching the duel while standing on the seats, but if you were to actually sit in the seats, you wouldn't be able to see anything that's going on. Through a different door, and a very cool corridor, you'll find the armory. There are only four lockers, I think, and each one houses a different weapon, along with a bit of ammo.

Overall, this is a good map and worth a download. The music got on my nerves after a bit, but that's okay, I just turned it down. I'm confused as to why this map supports duel and powerduel ... it's too big for those game types. But hey, more is better. :) I wouldn't be surprised to see this map on many servers. It's a clan map, but it doesn't have TFW stamped on every surface, which is refreshing. I almost forgot that this was a clan map. Good job. :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Powerduel


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Download '' (6.69MB)

# TFW-Clanmap #

Autor Informations:

Autor: Killermic
EMail: [email protected]


Extract the TFW-Clanmap.pk3 in your /GameData/base Folder.
Delete any earlier version of the map.

Map Informations:

Building Time: about 26 days
Brushes: 5244
Patches: 152
Entities: 685
GameType: Duel, PowerDuel, FFA, TFFA
New Textures	: YES
New Shaders	: YES
New Sounds	: YES
New Models	: YES
BotRoute	: YES

Legal Informations:

You may not decompile the map or / and use parts of it.
You are allowed to use the textures and shader from "bespin" and everything out of the "models" folder.
You may use the textures from "tfw" only after asking my permission.


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