The Ancient Threat Episode I: The Orthand Mystery

Geez, I finally got through the second level, but there's three more?! Okay, you're getting the impression I didn't run through the w...


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Geez, I finally got through the second level, but there's three more?! Okay, you're getting the impression I didn't run through the whole thing... which is true. Not that I don't want to, I just don't have time for such complicated levels! Honestly I love them. The mapping is great, the levels are really tricky (or I'm really dumb... :p), an the voice acting is even pretty good. I realized halfway through I had my subtites off, and since the person on the other end of the comlink is basically speaking jibberish I was wondering why I was confused.

I'm going to let the screenshots speak mostly for themselves in terms of the architecture of the maps in this Single-Player mod. The maps themselves are tricky to get around. Especially that first one. I don't know how many times I died before I finally turned my brightness up, though that removed some of the challenge. I would have appreciated something more of an introductory cutscene, to find out a little bit more about our main character, but all in all it seems well thought out and well completed. It's no easy task to complete each level, and that's part of the appeal.

Definitely worth a download. As soon as I get a few spare minutes I'm going to go finish up those last three levels ;)


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Title                   : The Ancient Threat Episode I: The Orthand Mystery

Author                  : Gabrobot
Email Address           :

Description             : Originally started as a Jedi Outcast level, The Orthand Mystery is the first part of a planned Jedi
			  Academy level trilogy that takes place 70 years after the second Death Star was destroyed. Jedi
			  Student Daasev Itek is sent to investigate mysterious happenings when his master goes missing on
			  the planet Orthand. TAT1 consists of 5 levels and just *maybe* something more.

Installation		: The mod .pk3 file is packed in the included .cab file...this is nessesary for the installation 
			  program. For Windows users, simply run the installation program (setup.exe) and follow the 
			  instructions. Then go into "Start Menu: Programs: The Orthand Mystery" and run "The Orthand
			  Mystery" to start the launcher program. The documentation is in "*Your Jedi Academy
			  folder*/Gamedata/tat1base/documentation" and is called "manual.doc". The documentation provides
			  detailed instructions on running the mod if the launcher for some reason does not work. This level
			  currently only supports Windows but it may be possible to run it on a Mac if you extract the .pk3
			  file and the "gamestart.cfg" file into a folder named "tat1base" in your Gamedata folder and load
			  it as a mod in Jedi Academy.

Voice acting		: Will as Daasev Itek

Battle Droid Model	: Prophet

Thanks to               : Will, Emon, Nix, Qu Klaani,,,,

Software used           : JK2Radiant
			  Impossible Creatures level editor
			  Corel Photo-Paint 7
			  Lightwave 7.5

Known Bugs              : Opening text is *very* hard to read due to severe lack of Lightwave knowledge at the time I made
			  the cutscenes. Viewing the opening text in the documentation (manual.doc) prior to running TAT1
			  is *highly* recommended. (The documentation also provides character profiles)

* Copyright / Permissions *


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