The Battlefield

Ahhh.... I'm guessing this is a first map - a 'typical' first map as well, I might add. Oh well, better get on with the review anyway, even...


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Ahhh.... I'm guessing this is a first map - a 'typical' first map as well, I might add. Oh well, better get on with the review anyway, even though you all know what to expect from a typical first map. ;)

The lighting is all one shade, and for a moment I didn't think the author had used the light compile for his map (which basically makes everything white-lit) However, there was one shadow and.. uh. yea, thats all there was. And there's a really bad bug in the floor as well. There is an effect in JK3 known as H.O.M (Hall of Mirrors) and this is where you see the 'void' - it looks like your screen is spazzing out as the engine traws huge trails of what you've just been looking at. Take a look at the last screenshot to see what I mean. A similar bug also occurs in the outside area - except here every now and again the floor disappears, and you can see the sky through the hole. Not very aesthetic really is it?

The architecure was very plain and flat, and although the clipping of models was done correctly, the wrong shader was applied. You want the physics_clip, not just clip. Clip stops the player from going through it, but still lets bullets through. Consequently, you can shoot through any model in this map, such as the Shuttle. The doors also need a 'wait' key to stop them closing and opening really rapidly when you try and open them, plus you need a soundset, as they shouldn't be silent, it's just wrong. ;) The terrain is flat, and for some reason, you can't get to C-3P0 to chop his head off :( That probably annoyed me more than anything else on this map IF I'm being brutally honest :)

I reckon the author shouldn't give up - most people's first map are a shambles, but many of them become much better with time and practise, and I'm sure you could too. :D

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~Szico VII~

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Title: The Battlefield v1.0 
File Name: the_battlefield_v1 
Size: 319 KB
Date: 20/11/05
Creation Time: 4h 30m 
Author: Phoenix


Map Description: Basicly, this is an abandoned town in the desert of Tatooine and has been recently been ocupied by the Empire but was raided 
and equipment and ships were left behind.

Bugs and Errors: 1 that i know of because the ground in the bar goes kinda fuzzy sometimes and you can see through the ground.

Installation: put the pk3 file into C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base



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