The Chu'unthor II

Here we have a FFA style/role play map called The Chu'unthor II. This map, as the author states in the readme, was based off a story line a...


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Here we have a FFA style/role play map called The Chu'unthor II. This map, as the author states in the readme, was based off a story line and, is more so meant for roleplay.

The map itslef is fairly big with many areas to explore. Included but limited to in this map is a bar, several bedrooms, a control center, sick bay, Storage areas, hangors, and many more.

The main issue I have with this map is the overall lack of detail. Most of the rooms and hallways have bare walls and floors with little added to really help the feel of this map. While you can tell this author has made maps before, as evident in some of the things in it, several basic things still needed attended to here. A delay on the doors would have helped to keep them from glitching. The speeds in reference to the doors also vary from each one along with the angle of opening. My favorite rooms in this map were the control center and the "globe" room. The FPS in this map overall was not an issue except in one or two spots. Almost forgot.. there is a missing texture in the bar area as you can see in the pics below.

I think this map is a great idea especially with the story line. Just afew things need worked on and you'll have a nice map. GL!


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Name: The Chu'unthor II
Date Completed: Oct. 5 2005
Author: Rena Jace (Or Borrie)
File Size: 7.81 MB

Description: The Chu'unthor, as my friend tells me, Was a Large
Ship built early in the Republic to discover new planets and Explore
The Dangerous Regions of Space. This ship had an Academy, Training
Centers, Housing, a Large Hanger, Medical Bays, you name it. It 
Supposibly So large it could Manage itself. 

After the Main Roleplay Storyline of SithOrder[RPG] Ended, The
Roleplayers would embark on a "Sequal" Of that Ship. 

This Map is Intended for Roleplaying (Yeah i know, JA isnt a 
Roleplaying Game. But it *is* possible) but could be used for
FFA or Lounging. 

Backstory: General Jace Or Jacewalker (Her Former name before ending
all Ties to Ancestors) was appointed Command of the Jedi Academy
Upon this Large ship. However she was not alone. This Massive Ship
Stretching up to 3 Kilometers of Steel, Pipelines, and Hallways was
Built to last. Using Ion Protection Ray Sheilds, the Ship can Pass
Through an Energy Sheild known as "The Galaxy's Rim" The Energy Sheild
Is formed by The Gravity of the Galactic Core, and Ships are most likely
Incapactiated without Repair if it came in Contact with such a Feild.

The Ship holds 14,000 Humanoid Lifeforms, 2,000 Droid Workers and 20 
Years supply of Food and Air. However using Filters, Organic Greenhouses
And Synthetic Fuel generators, the ship can provide for itself for up to
1000 Years. The Ship has a Powerful Hyperdrive Engine with the Finest 
Navicomputer, Built by Kuat Drive Yards. The Ship was Manufactured near
Coronet, Corellia and Completed 5 Years after The Clone Wars.


Even though i did the Entire Thing, I have people to owe it to.

Kel - Beta Testing, Ideas
The People of MapCenter - Great help from Tutorials
Someguy - Whoever converted the JK2 Textures of Coruscant and the Archive
Like windows to JKA. 


Insert The PK3 File within this ZIP File into your BASE folder inside the Jedi Academy/GameData directory.


Comments: This is my Largest Map ive ever made, which was not done Lazily.
I hope everyone, RPers, and Players will enjoy this map.


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