The City of Xia

Well, this isn't a bad map. It's a city map, so for one it's got a lot of space in it. For it's completeness it's good, but for the arc...


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Well, this isn't a bad map. It's a city map, so for one it's got a lot of space in it. For it's completeness it's good, but for the architecture it isn't so great.

While the map is a city, it is pretty big, and has a lot of things to do, and places to go. It also has a lot of secrets in it. In fact, as the author says that this map has RPG potential, I can see that this is true. This is good for a city RPG if you're not too picky about blocky architecture. As for me and RPG's, I'll stick to a game that's based off a RPG - Neverwinter Nights. But we're not talking about Neverwinter Nights, now are we?

While I found most of the map to be pretty nice, the architecture really bothered me. Why? It was all very blocky. Almost all the buildings followed a square theme, and almost all the other details in the map were created using GTKRadiant. It's not that they were made in radiant that makes it bad, it's just that they look to be low quality.

Other than the blocky layout and blocky objects, I think that this map could benefit from some custom textures, and possibly some lighting touch-up. But overall I found this map to be pretty cool, and pretty fun. :)

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Map Title : The City of Xia 

Author: Mandaria


Date of release: August 2006

Credits: I'd like to thank my friends, family, and Sigorney Weaver (it's tough being the tallest lady in Hollywood, and we know it)

Description: I've never had more fun making something in my life. To the point that I feel like crap while writing this, in realizing that I will probably never get to fool around with this project ever again. This final version of Xia is basically the culmination of all the ideas i've ever had for a map's design. It's big, it's fun, it's everything I'd ever want in a map. There are, of course, tons of secrets. Lots of exploring room, and RPG potential galore. I can't tell you how proud I am to finally release this hunk of crap (radiant has given me grey hairs, but all well worth the result). I hope you have as much fun playing this map as I had making it. 

Installation: unzip the pk3 into your base folder and start kicking ass 

Bugs: eww

Bot Support: play with your friends

Comments: Around every corner, lies a golden egg



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