The Clocktower

Remember the Clock Tower fight from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, between the Joker and Batman? Well, now you can have your own battle insi...


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Remember the Clock Tower fight from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, between the Joker and Batman? Well, now you can have your own battle inside a Clock Tower with this map! This map is basically the inside of a Clock Tower, featuring the turning gears, the huge bells, the equally huge pendulum and of course the clock face that you expect to find inside a clock. Actually, from the pictures I have seen, that’s looks rather like the inside of Big Ben in London, so it definitely does look like the innards of a Clock Tower.

The map itself would make both a great Duel or FFA space, as it is big enough to have a proper mid-sized FFA in, but the confined areas of the ramps and turning gears would also make for a very challenging duelling area. The map is big also in terms of height, you really do not want to fall of any of those platforms, otherwise you will be falling for quite a while. ;)

This provides an interesting multi-layer environment in which to play in. The textures used are also fitting for the location, especially with the gothic style stone texture used on the walls.

One very cool feature of this map is that the clock actually works, the hands move, and what is more the clock will actually keep time for as long as you keep playing Multiplayer. So for example, if you start up this map, but then change the map to something else, and then change back to this map, the clock will have kept time and kept ticking away whilst you were playing on the other map. How this works is a complete mystery to me, but it is very cool nonetheless!

There are some areas that I definitely feel need improving upon though. For one, both the roof and floor of this map are textured with a flat black texture, which doesn’t look right. Personally I think some architecture, like some supporting beams or arches should be added to the ceiling, and then perhaps a fog could be applied to the entire level, to mask the floor and add to the sense of depth. I also feel that there needs to be a greater variety of textures used around the map, as well as adding some more detailing, since the map is rather bare at the moment. Lastly, the lighting is also quite flat, so I would definitely continue to work on the lighting of the map, maybe making it dark and foreboding.

Overall though, this is a really good idea for a map location and the author has done pretty well here and I definitely think that with some more improvements and polishing up, this will turn out to be a really great map! So keep up the good work mate! :)

If you guys fancy a Joker vs. Batman rematch, or just like the look of this map, then give it a download! ;)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Bot Routes: No Game Types: FFA, Duel, Power Duel


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Download '' (3.68MB)

Game: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Version: 1.0

Credits: Myself for the idea, Castlevania judgement for the inspireation and Michiru Yamane for the music

Installation: Put the pk3 file into the base folder within your Jedi Academy directory.

Description: Inside a large clock tower with many moving gears and catwalks

Comments/Bugs: if a player stands on a moving shaft or verticle gear it may stop moving

Triva: The clock tower will keep accurate time long as you are playing mp, you can use any other level and the clock will keep
constant time

Version history:

1.0	Created the map.


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