The Clown Prince of Crime

Clown Prince of Crime can only mean one thing! No *sigh* Not averus in a clown costume but the Joker from Batman!!!!! This is a reskin of...


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File Description

Clown Prince of Crime can only mean one thing! No *sigh* Not averus in a clown costume but the Joker from Batman!!!!!

This is a reskin of the Agent Smith Model by Jora Custov which you can find here Clicky! For a Reskin i must admit its pretty good. The Author of this Clown of Crime has a particularly inventive mind when it comes to faces. As he states he's not trying to make the Dark Knight Joker but a sort of fusion between the dark knight ones and the others. I'll start from the bottom up! The bottom of the trousers are remarkably realistic. Because of the bagginess when they hit the shoes like he's got trousers too long for him! The Shoes seem to have stayed the same relatively apart from being a bit more pointy! The clothes are textured in what seems to be a bloodstained purplish colour but i couldn't really tell as my eyes fail me at this age. Of Course the Joker is wearing his famous Purple Gloves. Unfortunately the tie clip seems to be still there so it still has the hint of an Agent about it! Now to the Face! Its terribly frightening. and i was in a well lit room when i saw it. The Author has really captured the essence of some sort of horror character here and made the joker more Horror than Clown with nice bloody lips :) What escapes me is the neck and ears which both seem to be totally clean.. And the hair. If you get blood all over you face and clothes surely theres going to be some on your ears neck and hair? Hmmm... Ask Averus if you want examples. Anyway back to the Review.

Overall this has captured the "Joker" In three different forms Two of which scare me greatly >.< phonock has great potential and if he builds on the flaws in this skin i'm sure he can become an excellent skinner and perhaps one day a Modeller!


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Readme File:

TITLE: The Clown Prince of Crime
AUTHOR: phonock

DATE RELEASED: 14 june 2008

DESCRIPTION: This is not based on The Dark Knight Joker. But I like the idea of The Dark Knight Joker makeup..
I want to try using that makeup style and make my own interpretation of The Joker. 
So, this is the idea of the Joker that I have in my head.
I hope you&apos;ll enjoy my interpretation of The Joker!

Player models list:
playermodel the_joker
playermodel the_joker_red
playermodel the_joker_blue

NPC list:
npc spawn the_joker
npc spawn the_joker_red
npc spawn the_joker_blue

Credits : A very special thanks to JORA CUSTOV for his great Agent Smith model. Thanks also goes out to JOHN TURNER for the original Agent Smith texture.
Last, but not least, thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for the awesome screenshots.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the contents of this zip file into your Jedi Academy/Gamedata/Base folder.


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