The Cult of Darkness

Rather than quote the previous review, I'll just link it...


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Rather than quote the previous review, I'll just link it to you guys and let you read it there.

The New Reborn skin has had most of it's glow removed, except for some on the shoulders and chest. The symbol on the head was replaced with the Imperial logo, also. The blue skin now glows blue instead of what it apparently did in the last version, which was glowing red. Sounds for him have been changed, as well. They have been modified so the voice sounds deeper than the standard one.

All the other skins look the same to me, perhaps slightly cleaner. Apparently there are big differences, but I must be missing them... Of course, I am only going by screenshots of the previous versions, since I don't actually have them downloaded right now, so I could be missing something... Included are also new portraits for each skin in the pack.

Anyway, give it a download if you like this skin pack. Just don't forget that it overwrites the skins in the game. Sure would be nice if it didn't... *hint hint* :p


Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Default NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: The Cult of Darkness (3.2)
Author: ragen45
Completion date: March 2008

Description: I'll be completely honest. My previous mods were pretty bad. They were just blobs of paint drawn on over creases in the characters' clothing. Well now I changed that. This is, basically, just a large appetizer for what's coming up next. The New Reborn now has no blobs, but rather only three well-placed things that actually look like lights. Also, the annoying pattern on the head has been removed, and now there is just a dull, black Empire logo on the top of his head. Also, there are brand new portraits that follow the originals and the team support for him has been fixed (he also is blue now instead of purple for the Blue Team). Just check out the screenshots, you'll see what I mean. There are new sounds as well. I hated the high, over-the-top evil voice the New Reborn had, so I took inspiration from the Anakin mods and made them lower. Trust me, they sound good. All the other skins except for the Reborn Twin and the Cultist have been heavily modified and no longer look odd (like Tavion's dark brown skin, which doesn't exist anymore). Since remaking the Reborn Twin and Cultist are the main points of the mod besides the New Reborn, inevitably they'll take the longest to do, so bear with me. Enjoy the mod!

Version history:

3.2	Almost all of the skins have been touched up or been completely redone (Tavion and New Tavion especially). Desann is no longer black. There are no blobs on characters now.

3.1	Remake of the New Reborn complete with new sounds, team support, and icons.
3.0	Custom face portraits have been made for all characters, which means I took a three different pictures of every character for team support.
	Every character has team support, and with only two colors, not three or more - purple and red.
	The blue team color for the Cultist and others has been restored, so it looks perfectly normal now.
	The annoying cult saber reskin has been removed.
	The Reborn Twin has been given a makeover.
	Alora's leg texture has been improved.
	Alora's face has had its natural color restored, and the glowing patterns on her face have been changed a lot, including that she now has a Sith symbol on her head.
	The Cultist now has two colors, and its textures look more realistic.
	Tavion looks far better than her impossibly hard to see skin and textures.
	New NPCs have been added. For blue a Desann, type in desann2. For a blue reborn, type in reborn2.
	Reskins of the original Reborn and Tavion are now available. All reborn NPCs look the same, except for the blue team version.
	All of the characters now have orange, glowing eyes and dark faces, making them look very evil. (And cool, too.)

Installation: Copy and paste the "PK3" file into the folder named "base" within your Jedi Academy directory.

All rights reserved to ragen45, do not use anything in this mod without my permission (email me). Special thanks to Raven and LucasArts. Thank you for downloading!


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