The Cult of Darkness

Before I start the review proper, I just wanted to digress a little… one thing that caught my aye about this file was actually the version n...


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Before I start the review proper, I just wanted to digress a little… one thing that caught my aye about this file was actually the version number. To be honest I don’t think I have seem many, if any version numbers above this files v3.7 before! I wonder if that might be a record!

Ehem, anyway, lets have a look at the file itself! What we have here is a skin-pack filled with re-skinned dark side characters, including; Tavion, Alora, Reborn’s and the like. The most noticeable difference is that the skins now have plenty of glowy bits! You might know from what I have said before that I like glowy things, in the same way magpies like shiny things! The glowiness is just irresistible to me!

Most prominent seems to be Alora, who is now sporting a very glowy outfit which I think looks really cool, sorta like something out of Tron. The Reborn’s are a little subtler however, with just a few parts of his armour made glowy. One subtle feature that you will notice has been used on most of the skins is the glowy eyes. Personally, considering these are Sith / Dark Jedi skins afterall, I think this is a great idea, and makes them all look rather more evil than they did before! In fact, they really do look genuinely creepy! :eek:

The pack also features Desann and one of the old style Reborn’s. Desann hasn’t been changed much, other than that he now has a glowy part on his belt and the old style Reborn features a grey and red colour scheme.

There are also team skins for each of the skins in this pack. The team skins have glowy areas, which are of course, the same colour as the team colour. A simple but effective method, and one which I think looks pretty good! Each skin, both default and team variants also have new custom icons which is always a good thing to include.

There are some thing I think should be worked on however. The main one is that these skins replace the default skins, rather than adding new ones. This is one thing that I definitely think should be changed. Whilst it wont bother some people, it is always best if people still have the choice to choose between the default JKA skins, and the new custom ones, rather than the custom ones replacing the default ones outright. Another thing is that the Desann reborn and Tavion team skins look very similar to the default skins – only one or two small areas have the team colours, like the jewel on Desann’s belt.

Overall though I like these skins, there is just something about the glowiness! Alora in particular looks very cool. I would definitely make them new skins rather than replacements for the default JKA ones next time however. So if you guys like the look of this skin pack, or like me are strangely attracted to anything that is glowy, give this a download! :D

New Sounds: No Bot Support:Yes (Replaces the default bots and skins) Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (14.51MB)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: The Cult of Darkness
Version: 3.7
Author: Ataris21
Completion date: October 11, 2008

Version history:


New overwrite skins were made for Alora, New Reborn, Cultist, and Reborn Twin. New multiplayer icons were made for them as well. The skins were made from scratch using GIMP so that they are now much higher quality. The filesize and complexity were also drastically decreased due to my tinkering of the skin files rather than making copies of the original textures to serve as the team support. Just look at the screenshot to see all that was changed.

3.6	New NPC's: desann2 and reborn2
	New sounds for the New Reborn
	Team support for all players
	Bot support remains the same
	New multiplayer icons
	New overwrite skins for Alora, Cultist, Desann, Reborn, New Reborn, Reborn Twin, Tavion, New Tavion
	Restored sabers in multiplayer and the cult now uses the Firebrand hilt

3.5	New Red Team skin for Alora.

3.4	All NPCs, sabers, icons, characters, shaders, and sounds are done.

3.3	All of Desann's sounds from Jedi Outcast have been restored. Cultist is finished. Shaders and sounds are good to go.

3.2	Almost all of the skins have been touched up or been completely redone (Tavion and New Tavion especially). Desann is no longer black. There are no blobs on characters now.

3.1	Remake of the New Reborn complete with new sounds, team support, and icons.
3.0	Custom face portraits have been made for all characters, which means I took a three different pictures of every character for team support.
	Every character has team support, and with only two colors, not three or more - purple and red.
	The blue team color for the Cultist and others has been restored, so it looks perfectly normal now.
	The annoying cult saber reskin has been removed.
	The Reborn Twin has been given a makeover.
	Alora's leg texture has been improved.
	Alora's face has had its natural color restored, and the glowing patterns on her face have been changed a lot, including that she now has a Sith symbol on her head.
	The Cultist now has two colors, and its textures look more realistic.
	Tavion looks far better than her impossibly hard to see skin and textures.
	New NPC's have been added. For Desann on the Blue Team type in "desann2." For a Reborn on the Blue Team type in "reborn2."
	Reskins of the original Reborn and Tavion are now available. All reborn NPC's look the same, except for the blue team version.
	All of the characters now have orange, glowing eyes and dark faces, making them look very evil. (And cool, too.)

Installation: Copy and paste "The Cult of Darkness.pk3" into the "base" folder within your Jedi Academy directory.

All rights reserved to Ataris21, do not use anything in this mod without my permission (email me). Special thanks to Raven and LucasArts. Thank you for downloading, and enjoy the mod!


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