The Cyberpunk Cafe V2

-=Averus is sitting at his throne, looking as if he's seen one too many ghosts, petting his pet sphinx Pherece. A skeleton with a cape, glo...


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-=Averus is sitting at his throne, looking as if he's seen one too many ghosts, petting his pet sphinx Pherece. A skeleton with a cape, glowing white eyes, and two sheathes closes the chamber door and faces the audience=-

Ahem..I know you were possibly expecting Master Averus, but today he's still currently recovering from the shock. That being said, I will be reading his review for him.

According to what he's written, this map has apparently....=_v *opens the chamber door a bit and calls to Averus* Sir, what is this word after apparently? =_o

Averus: TANTALIZING! @[email protected];;

Ah, yes. Well, the textures are obviously "tantalizing" to him, as many of the areas are outlined with a green border in certain areas. I suppose the Master never told you he liked green along with red, black, and gray? =_o Oh well, I suppose he didn't deem you worth =_v.

As this map was called the Cyberpunk Cafe, one would expect a cafe, correct? Well it would seem in the main area that there are three objects that spin and rotate in small alcoves. Touch them and you reach a new area. The master would like to add that he was fascinated by the creativity in this situation. Now then, along with the cafe, there are a number of duelist arenas for you to engage your fellow combatants. Each one has a relatively uniform color scheme, but the designs contain their own unique flavor. While there are three evident areas, there are also a number of areas that you are encouraged to hunt out for yourself. View the screenshots if you wish to see what areas are available to you.

Now then, if you'll excuse me, I must give the master his dose of shock therapy. If he doesn't recover soon, he's instructed me to take over until he does -_-; For now

Oh yes! I almost forgot to mention that this map is compatible with both Jedi Outcast as well as this game =_o; bah, I'm not cut out for this =_v;

New Textures: Yes New Music: Somewhat, yes Secrets to plunder: Perhaps Bot Support: Afraid not

- Averus Retruthan (~Presented by second-in-command Xathon)

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Download '' (13.17MB)

The Cyberpunks Cafe - MULTIPLAYER MAP - JK2 / Jk3 - FFA/TFFA/CTF

Title			: The CyberPunk Cafe 
For			: *Jedi Knights Outcast* aswell as *Jedi Academy*
Author			: S. Robinson (Boddo)
Website			:

File Name		: tcpcv2.pk3
File Size		: 13 MBytes
Date Released	: April 5th 2007

The CyberPunk Cafe. Map plays on both Jk2 and JkA 
Explore tha galaxy in pursuit of eliteness. Did you know there is a cyberpunk cafe at bespin? according to my map it apears so! :)
For the best of the best compete in the cube arena for the pinacle position. Watch out for the red cubes! they do 25 damage points! - warning - recomended for skilled jedis only. Have a grind session in the grind dome - or goto the top of the dome and sit on a bench to spectate the participants. Enjoy flight above Yavin whilst brandishing a rocket launcher. Life or die - find the die - pick the right hall.
Aswell dont forget to visit the cafe, or step outdoors to lounge about.

Support/Infot: FFA map, CTF, team FFA
Bot routines: No
Quite a few breakables

extract to your GameData\base folder under jk2/jka game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

Thanks to:
I would like to thank the people at 'team wookie' for helping me debug and figure out a vast amount in a short time.
Special thanks goes to(in alphabetical order):

thanks guys! leetos!

tO ThE scEne

*The main arena area including the cafe can be rather processor taxing
some JK2 textures included in pk3 to make it work work with JKA
along with an audio track from JK2.

this map nor is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

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