The Enclave



Well, looky here. Academy v3's got some competition, and- yuck, what was that I just stepped in? Drool? Come on, you people haven't even seen the flippin' map yet. *sigh* I better clean this up, where's my spell book...? Here, now lessee, we got conjuration, abjuration, mysticism, ah... Here we are... Domestication spells. A quick cast of Summon Floor-Mopping Imp should deal with this. Now, please stop drooling on my shiny floor.

I'd rather not give a guided tour of this one, since there's far too much to mention. I will, however, include screenshots of each and every seperate room/area (I count 16), and I'll give you the basic run-down here.

The rooms included range from the standard duel rooms, to a few battlegrounds and training rooms. There's also a social club area for those who want to take a break from the fighting, the obligatory NPC training room with four Mon Mothmas for target practice or a sentry drone for deflect training, jump training/racing, tournament arena, council chamber, and various other rooms I can't discern the intended nature of. The weirdest ones by far are the rooms made from pure white/black. Be careful if you fight in the white room, because you won't be able to see yours or your opponents sabers.

The first impression this map struck me with, was one of semi-awe due to the seemingly epic scale. It's really not as big as one would think, but due to the design it looks and feels like a truly massive, ancient building. The individual elements add to the feeling of granduer, with intricate patterning and designs spread around. The architecture is extremely well-made down to the last detail, indicating a level of craftsmanship I've never seen unleashed upon a Q3 engine game before. Effects and map objects are used to great effect to complement it.

The quality in this map is almost flawless in all technical aspects. That's the kind of dedication I rarely see from a mapper. Usually there's some telltale sign of either laziness or negligence on the developer's part, but not here. Quite a pleasant surprise, actually. Doubly so, considering this is a clan map. >_>

An in-depth analysis is what I'd planned to do, but one picture can speak a thousand words, so I'll just upload all 16 screenshots and let you see for yourselves. Naturally I didn't bother screenshotting the white and black rooms - if you can't imagine what those look like, then it's time for a crash course in lateral thinking. :p

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: No Custom Textures: Yes Custom Models: No Custom Sound: Yes




Title : The Enclave
Author : Xenon and Pandamonium
E-Mail : [email protected]

File Name : the_enclave.pk3
File Size : 14 MB before zipping
Date Released : June 19, 2007 

Description :

This map is a Yavin-style clan map made to cater to the needs of all clans, and for this reason, you won’t find a single clan reference in it. 
I admit, it isn’t incredibly useful for RP, but I think clans who do things besides RP and who occasionally leave ffa3 will enjoy it. 
It’s my first map, released or otherwise, and it’s been around a year in the making.  It was initially a joint project between myself and Pandamonium, 
but he became busy with college so I finished it up on my own. He made the stadium, lava duel room, and the korriban duel room, while I made everything 
else, but he is definitely one of the best mappers I know, so thanks a lot for your help with everything bud, and for teaching me how to map. This map 
was made for two clans in particular, {TO} and ESS, but like I said, I don’t plaster their names all over the walls. Everything about Yavin maps 
and clan maps are at this point cliché and overused, so I tried to bring something a little different to the table. Hope you all like it.

This map includes:
- A dueling wing with 5 separate duel rooms, including a tournament-style duel room and a lava duel room
- A main courtyard and a side courtyard to just hang out
- A stadium fit for epic ffa’s and duels, and with tffa spawns for things like clan matches
- A training wing with a main room made to run every drill I can think of (email me if you need help using it), 2 sensory deprivation duel rooms, 
  a room for spawning those flying droids and practice targets, and one of those cliché jumping pillar rooms
- A lobby area linking together the functional rooms
- A council room
- A bar (I believed they are required by law in all clan maps)
- A grand hall

Sadly, there are no secrets. I actually have 3 mapped and working, but due to brush count limits I couldn’t put them in the map. I’m hoping to release 
another map later this summer with some of the cut material.

Install: : Unzip the *.pk3 file into your GAMEDATA/BASE folder

#Additional Credits#

Shadow Stone for use of some of his textures from his Jedi Home maps

Virtue for use of the music from The Academy v2

The following testers: Chrono, >>Bob, Dorn Koon, Eldor Xer’jera, Darkbob, TwinHits

Apollyon for trying to find help for me when the project was stalled. I know it didn’t work out, but thanks a lot for trying

Kykyllika for helping briefly with the project and for answering my mapping questions

Rich Diesel for making those amazing tutorials

Tobias for trying to make the mess that was the first version of the map work. Sorry that thing was beyond all repair man. It took me 2 months to fix it.

Anyone who gave me their infinite patience. I know I’ve been working on this forever, but you guys never gave up on me.

No, this map doesn’t have bot support. I tired, I failed, the map stopped running properly, yada yada yada. Sorry to anyone who really likes to play with bots.



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