The Eye of Palpatine Trailer 8



faintest idea what the plot of this video is, or is going to be. All I've discovered is that it has Jedi, who will fight each other (naturally), and either Darth Maul or a Darth Maul look-alike will be in it, and who will have a duel identical to Darth Maul vs. Qui Gon and Obi-wan. I find myself wondering whether or not the author(s) have enough material done to make a decent trailer. We are promised another trailer to come, as well. A "preview" he calls it. My advice would be to stop making trailers - you're going to bore people. Take the time you're making these trailers and work on the film. If you absolutely must put out another trailer, wait until a week or two before release. Eight trailers is overkill, quite frankly. Even the four we have on this site are far too many.~Inyri


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