The Forbiden Script

Yes, I'm sure the malformed title was enough to peak your interest, no? Granted, the author was attempting to be very mysterious about h...


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Yes, I'm sure the malformed title was enough to peak your interest, no?

Granted, the author was attempting to be very mysterious about his mod, and it would have been rejected if I had not figured out what it did. XD

Anyway, this "forbiden" script isn't as foreboding as the author would have you think. Intended for Makermod, this mod seems to allow cycling of various commands, changing the messages for particular administrative commands to, in my opinion, very corny messages that I would personally be embarassed to have on my server. Better yet, his instructions are wrong! WOOT! Instead of the_forbiden_script_public, it's meant to be ForbidenScript.public.cfg. I found this out, of course, by probing the pk3. That's when I found this:

Thank You Can Send The Gaarasscript in base (Of Cours You Can Extract The Pk3 Your Self in the consule Shift + ~ but if you want the txt file in base or whatever fine with me) but here is the rules.

1.) Dont Put It In Base For Quick Change And Easy Axis If Done And I Find Out I Will Ban From My Server Or Tell Admin You Changed my Script And For Him To Ban You!!!

2.) Dont Change Anything If Anything Is Changed I Will A Kick You or B ASk adm To Kick You

3.)If Change Of Anything occurs During Game Play And i See It I Will Do Above ^ | 4.) If The Name Of The File Is Changed Same Above

5,) I Think You Get The Point Of It That You Cant Change Anything Here is Others

6.) If You Want To Use My Script In A Movie Or PoTs Then Ask Me First

7,) If You Do Want To Mod my Script Contact Me First My Email Is If Your Reply Is No From Me Accept It If i Say Yes Then go ahead If You Want me To UnPK3 it for you ask

8.) I See The Video Or The PoTs I Will Contact You Via Email And Tell You Not To Give It To Anyone

9.) Any Of These Rules Broken Is A Very Bad Thing Im Going To Charge $1.00 USD For The illeagle Use, FINAL!!!!!!

Honestly, I don't know if he was joking or not. O_o; I'm going to assume he wasn't and say this: "PUT THAT INFORMATION IN YOUR READ ME NEXT TIME, MY DEAR GOON!"

Overall, this script is really something I can't recommend off-hand =_o; While it's good in its execution style,(once you execute it correctly, that is) it's something I can't quite bring myself to say that it's any good. It's definitely what I would call a "Macaroni Picture File." Like a macaroni picture done by a young child, The author's proud of his file, and he'll defend it, but in reality, it's just mediocre. ¬_¬

However, maybe someone might be interested. If so, then take a look. I'll remind you that this was intended for Makermod, so I wouldn't suggest using it unless you have the mod..

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The Forbiden Script
AUTHOR: Gaara2450

FILENAME: The_Forbiden_Script.public.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 7/28/2007

CREDITS: All To Me & Toast

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract to C:/ProgramFiles/lucasarts/Starwars-JediKnight:jediacademy/gamedata/base
then in a maker mod server press Shift~ and type in the following
"exec The_Forbiden_Script_public"
Without the ""

DESCRIPTION: Just somthing I made from scratch.

BUGS / COMMENTS: So Far No Bugs And No Comments
(Found A Bug Email And Tell The Bug)


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