The Forgotten Academy

I just started mapping about three days ago, so I don't quite consider myself an expert yet. I do have an idea of how it works, though. The...


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I just started mapping about three days ago, so I don't quite consider myself an expert yet. I do have an idea of how it works, though. The two problems I noticed right away with this map was that it was missing textures, and the music wouldn't play. I thought maybe I had a conflict in my base folder somewhere, so I emptied it. Still no luck.

The actual map is broken into two parts, connected by a portal. Both parts have howlers in them, but the poor things wouldn't (or couldn't?) move. I was slightly amused when I accidentally fired my gun and they started dancing, as if they were trying to walk but weren't getting anywhere. It was amusing to watch. Aside from the fact that I don't know what the gound is supposed to look like, because there's no texturing on it, the map was rather sparsely decorated. A fallen tree here and there, a howler here and there, but nothing much else. One wall texture was used throughout the entire map, so it got a little repetitive.

In one of the map sections, there was a small medical area with a few benches and a few bacta tanks. The door doesn't seem to make a noise when it opens, however. I can't see how this would be used as a FFA map. It seems much too small, and since it's about half corridors I think it would be a little too cramped to actually duel. The lighting could probably use a little tweaking as well. Even for being outside, it looks awfully bright.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the spawn points is actually in a wall. That should probably be something the author should pay more attention to in future maps.

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maker = MasterDragoon

This is a map i made called the forgotten academy what this maps holds is plenty of training areas that u can battle. There is also a medic room to rest in. when u enter this map u will find a teleporter which will take you to the other dueling areas in certain areas i added fallen trees and a few howlers to have fun with.
if u have any bugs at all just contact me by email and tell me the known bug and ill try and fix it
since i kinda new to mapping so hope you guys enjoy the map cuz it roxx ^^

days it took = 3 days and 3 hours to make

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