The Great Honour

Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called The Great Honour. I won't bore you with another re...


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Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called The Great Honour. I won't bore you with another review of this mod, since it just adds on to the previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions.

Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review

All I'm going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme.

A. Fixed all previous feature

We just realize that dark force mod was unstable without over-flow protection. List of previous feature that changed :

1. Bryar Pistol : Secondary shot changed from smart bomb to missile-torpedo (electric-bomb) No more rocket lock, because it is not efficient. Damage power reduced to ideal value, higher a bit from concussion rifle.

2. All weapon : Firing rate was too fast, so we just match it with singleplayer firing rate. Reason : too fast resulting weapons become very noisy.

3. All Force : Some dark force was over-charged, so we just match it with singleplayer power. Force grip will not kill enemy too fast, just as normal as singleplayer so we can enjoy to torture our enemy. Force jump height are restored back to previous state, player can't fly except in quad mode. Force drain still same, when we don't have force to drain then it will drain enemies health (SP rules) Force absorb balance works perfect to absorb any dark force and also force telepathy. Force absorb and protect duration is 20 second for all level Force rage duration is 10 second for all level and cannot be start if your health less than 25.

4. Quad Mode redefinition (force level 4) Quad mode is a force booster works like enlightment or force boon, except that it is maximize both dark and light force ability to higher level and boost its power to either do more damaging or absorbing force powers from level 3. However, this is cheat powerups because have unlimited time. The definition for quad mode is like this : (in C++ code) # define FORCE_LEVEL_4 (FORCE_LEVEL_3 + 1) So there is no actual level 4, it just well defined as force level 3 + booster.

Force level 4 ability : FP_HEAL = same as level 3 FP_LEVITATION = can fly FP_SPEED = moving 200% FP_PUSH = push harder FP_PULL = pull harder FP_TELEPATHY = same as level 3 FP_GRIP = more damaging FP_LIGHTNING = more damaging FP_RAGE = health taken more slow FP_PROTECT = can take 800 damage point FP_ABSORB = absorbing level 3 dark force FP_TEAM_HEAL = same as level 3 FP_TEAM_FORCE = same as level 3 FP_DRAIN = drain more damage FP_SEE = longer duration FP_SABER_OFFENSE = unlimited kata-chain FP_SABER_DEFENSE = same as level 3 FP_SABERTHROW = more damaging and rotating faster.

Special ability : Fire-shooter with weapon melee primary attack. Double dark-force power radius (can grip, lightning, drain from double range than normal) Force power regenerated more fast and cannot be mind-tricked.

5. Cheat-Spawn command Previously when human-player spawn, they get 255 health and force also both light and dark force ability. From this version, you won't get it automatically because it is moved to new console command :

- g_forceregentime "" - set your maximum health & force when spawn. (max. is 255 and min. is 50) - setforceall3 - set all of your force powers to level 3 - setforceall2 - set all of your force powers to level 2 - setforceall1 - set all of your force powers to level 1 - setforceall0 - empty all of your force powers (except saber offense) - quad - activate/deactivate quad mode.

6. Any weapon kick ability Either we use saber or any weapon, we can do kick attack by pressing BUTTON_USE + BUTTON_ATTACK How about staff saber? same as well using this combination, if you press ALT_ATTACK your staff will be throwed. Reason of this feature : we're all have legs, so why can't we use it?

B. Fixed BUG :

List of bug already fixed from the previous version :

1. Error when shooting dismember bomb of bryar pistol to npc rancor Problem found : Npc rancor cannot be dismembered even by saber because the model does not support dismemberment Solution : If you shot rancor with bryar pistol, the dismemberment function will be disabled to prevent error.

2. Error when throwing saber while using offensive force Problem found : Misplaced code to put the saber-throw enabled function. Solution : Moving it from PM_Movesingle(moving handling function) to PM_Weapon(weapon handling function)

3. Bad Over-Looping force heal and rage effect. Problem found : No timer added for this effect. Solution : adding new force-timer to ensure this effect play within correct delay.

C. Miscellanous testing.

1. NPC follow the leader If you spawn any non-enemy npc like kyle, luke, jedi, etc. they will following you like in singleplayer. 2. NPC walking speed fixed. In multiplayer npc walking very slow and almost at zero-speed. In this mod they can walk normally. 3. Unfreeze npc Kyle Originally when we spawn npc kyle, he is freezed as cinematic entity. In this mod he is unfreezed. 4. Jetpack ground distance Originally jetpack hover height is counted from the base of the map floor and that makes glitch when moving from edge to edge. In this mod jetpack hover height is counted from gravity making it fly more high. 5. Falling death removed for human. We using gravity damage scale to decide wether you dead or alive on floor impact. More high the ground distance, more damage are taken. Falling to death only applicable for bot & npc. However you could get stuck if you still alive after falling but can't jump up over the top again, unless using cheat noclip or quad mode on to fly.

While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :)


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TITLE 			: The Great Honour (Dark Force Mod v.17)

== File Details ==

Category		: Jedi Academy Multiplayer MOD
Release Date 		: 27 Juli, 2006	
Requirement 		: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
Developer		: Henry Christianto
Web Address		:
Email			:

The rest is in the file. :)

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