The Jawa Masters Fun Skin Pack

Wow, lots of new jawas. This skin pack has all kinds of things, and most of them are with the jawa. Have you ever seen a jawa penguin? I hav...


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Wow, lots of new jawas. This skin pack has all kinds of things, and most of them are with the jawa. Have you ever seen a jawa penguin? I have, just now! There is even a jawa monkey. I have always wanted to monkey around with jawas. Maybe I can get it to eat a banana, we’ll see. There is much more then just animals however, you get your favorite football teams too. I don’t know if a jawa would make a football player, all jawas ever do in the game is crouch down and, well, I guess, scream? No matter, now we can have football games in JKA, who wouldn’t want that? There are even army jawas! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a Jawa! This skin pack has a Super Jawa, Bat Jawa, and Flash. It’s a jawa family get together, even the weird jawas were invited, look, its...... Homer Simpson? Well, talk about a variety, there's not just jawas, but also a lighting cultists, and, a Grim Reaper! There are custom sounds included, so that's always great to have. The author didn’t include Bot Support, but he did include some Team Support. That is how you can select the different Super hero Jawas, as well as some others. I have saved the best for last though, the best jawa of them all.... *Drum Roll*, the Sponsorship Jawa! This jawa has the logos of many business that apparently support something that has to do with Star Wars. This jawa was made into a lasting honor of those business. I like that one the best. :P Imagine, we can now be driven crazy by the thought of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, fries, and pop, just by looking at the skin. Yum.....I’m already getting hungry.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes, some of the skins. New Sounds: Yes


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-=]The Jawa Masters[=- Fun Skin Pack.

Contacting me: Email (MSN Addy also):, AIM: 
spiffster09, XFire: spiffy   You can find me on my server:, hop 
on in some time.

This is a |skin pack| of 24 skins (1 .pk3), TJM Trooper (a storm trooper), 
jawa penguin, a patriotic jawa, a marine corps jawa (3 versions), a monkey 
jawa, a kenny skin (from south park), a jawa foot ball skin (3 versions: a 
chiefs skin, a vikings skin, and a packers skin), a camo army jawa, a 
superhero jawa (super jawa, batjawa, and flash), a lightning cultist, the 
tjm grim reaper, Homer Simpson, the Sponsorship jawa.

I don't have any bot support on the skins because I find it meaningless. 
That goes the same for team skins.

Note: tjmmarine.pk3 uses the arctic jawa skin, made by: DarthVengeant. He 
gets full credit for my third skin, and the marine skin. Also tjmstorm.pk3 
uses dms' default cultist icon. It was the only one that'd work so the 
credit for the icon is all theirs.

Install: Extract just the .pk3's to your gamedata/base folder.

Uninstall: Delete the .pk3's.

Time took: about 1 and a half hours for most, others were about 30-40 

Reason for making: My clan members wanted their own skins, they got bored of 
using the default jawa skin. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out.

Sounds: About all of these skins have custom sounds, you are allowed to use 
them if you wish. Some of them sound the same, but who cares.  But if you do 
use the sounds, you must give me credit.



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