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Ah, the time has come yet again for some of phonock's nice reskins. This time around, the Jedi model is the one that is being reskinned, in...


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Ah, the time has come yet again for some of phonock's nice reskins. This time around, the Jedi model is the one that is being reskinned, into none other than the Joker. For those of you that have been living under a rock for all these years, the Joker is one of the many villains from Batman. This is supposed to be a combonation of the upcoming movie, the cartoon, and the comic. Three versions are included, each cool in their own way.

The first version is the Joker as he is seen most often: Green hair, a painted face, purple clothing, with a green vest over it. Now, the first thing I noticed was that at first glance the pants looked like they were just painted purple with some highlights in em. Looking closer, however, I can see the detail that was put into them. It is a shame that you have to look so closely to see, as most people will not see it while playing. The second thing I noticed was that the arm holes of the vest seemed a bit off. It looked as if they just suddenly cut off, no seams or anything. This could use a fixing. The final thing that I thought needed fixing was the quality of the coloring around the mouth... It seems a bit rough around the edges of it. Other than that, this skin fits the Joker quite well, in my opinion. Team skins on this one just change the vest color to red and blue, respectively.

The second skin is the Joker without makeup. His hair is a brownish color, he wears brown pants, lacking the obvious detail like the other skin, and wears a long sleeved button-up shirt. He looks just as creepy, with that huge evil smile on his unpainted face. I have no complaints for this skin itself, besides the pants. As far as I saw, the skins were the same for both teams as they were for the default.

The third skin uses the first's head. The clothes remind me of a dark blue color with white stripes going down the front and back of the legs, and a cool design with purple spots on the front and back of the torso. It sort of reminds me of some sort of armor, but only partial armor. Hard to describe, but the screenshots could tell you much more. This is my personal favorite from this pack. Team skins change the colors of the spots and the suit underneath the design to red and blue respectively.

There is bot and npc support, new sounds, and team support included for those three skins. There is also a hidden little extra in here, which I leave for you all to discover on your own.

In all, I think this is another good set of skins from phonock. If you're a fan of Batman, particularly the Joker in the series, then give this a download!


Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Readme File:

TITLE: The Joker
AUTHOR: phonock

DATE RELEASED: 10 august 2007

DESCRIPTION: This is a reskin of the jedi model.It's kinda combination of upcoming Batman movie,cartoon and comic.
Nothing much i can do with jedi model,so i make 3 versions of Joker. 1: Mean/Cruel Joker 2: Normal form(without makeup)
3: Battle Joker(not related to any movie,comic or cartoon.It's just my idea...well to make a little bit interesting ^_^!)
To use Mean/Cruel Joker model in SP type playermodel joker
If you want use another versions,type this playermodel jack and playermodel new_joker

Credits: Special thanks to BuffyTheSlayer for taking another great screenshots.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the contents of this zip file into your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\Base folder.


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