The Lakes of Blood and Tea

Woooow ok, this is probably one of the most relaxing maps I’ve EVER played on thanks to that KotoR Ahto City music, and to the really nice d...


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Woooow ok, this is probably one of the most relaxing maps I’ve EVER played on thanks to that KotoR Ahto City music, and to the really nice dappled shade created by the small forest (the only thing missing there is some tweeting birds). I find it very relaxing just to go under those trees, look out over the lake and listen to the music for a bit. And for that I love it.

However, I feel it could be improved upon. Some of the terrain is a bit…jaggedy, especially around the beach area, it would be cool if that could be smoothed out, also a lot of the map is just bare, it would be cool if there were some more patches of trees, and maybe some big rocks scattered around, try using the rocks out of the Vjun models folder, scale them up by using the key: modelscale and a value of 2 or whatever you want, then remap them to use a different texture (because the default texture on the model doesn’t work) using the key: _remap and in the value bit put the path of the texture you wish to use on the model, like *;textures/desert /rockwall2 or whatever you want to use (make sure you keep the *; at the start, otherwise it wont work). Then just scatter them around to add some more depth to your map :)

Also I think the shadows could be improved a little cause they were quite dark and angular, try smoothing the terrain out a bit and putting in the worldspawn in radiant the key: ambient and a value of 5 or whatever you want (this will add that amount of light to the ENTIRE map, so it lightens everything up a little).

Apart from that I think it was an excellent map, very relaxing to play on it, it even has NIGHT and DAY versions!! I would absolutely love to see a v2! Well done mate :)

By the way, why on earth did you call it “The Lakes of Blood and Tea” that’s a really strange name for a map lol. Oh and make sure to look at the read me, its well funny :D I think all readmes should include a bit of humour, it makes you want to actually read them lol.

This was the best bit “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Victory is mine!!! Build me a sandwich, slave!!!” LOL pure genius ;)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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27 March 2005
Map Name                : The Lakes of Blood and Tea
Author                  : Bloody Tea Studios (a culmination of |ExJK|DevmapAll and |ExJK|Maigus)
Email Address           : |ExJK|DevmapAll -
			  |ExJK|Maigus -
Website URL             :
Map description         : This is a terrain map with two 'lakes' and a small forest.  It is a bit on the small side, but 			  you'll get over it.  Also, there is a day and night version, each with the Ahto music from KOTOR 			  I.

Other info              : This map was made with EasyGen Terrain generator, the greyscale image used to make the terrain 			  	  was made pixel by pixel in MSPaint by Maigus.  The terrain, radiant, skybox, and other stuff was 			  done by DevmapAll.

Additional Credits to   : rgoer, his tutorial on EasyGen helped immensly in making the terrain.

Thanks to               : Count Dubious I guess....he founded the clan that we're in...
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NOT QUITE!
New Skins               : NEIGH!
New Objects             : NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

* Construction *
Brush Count             : uh...19,000 some odd brushes.  But this is, of course, due to terrain...
Vert Count              : Blue?  I have no idea what a vert is...
Entity Count            : 130 something
Base info               : Built from a MSPaint greyscale image and EasyGen
Software used           : MSPaint, GTKRadiant 1.4.0, EasyGen
Known Bugs              : Typing /kill will normally make the player commit suicide, other than that, no
Build Time              : Week?

* How to use this map *

Listen carefully...this is NOTHING like installing other put the 'bloodandtea' pk3 in....YOUR BASE FOLDER!!!  AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Victory is mine!!!  Build me a sandwich, slave!!!

* Copyright / Permissions *



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