The Lakes of Blood and Tea v2

Here's Nozy's review of the original version: Woooow ok, this is probably one of the most relaxing maps I’ve EVER played on thanks t...


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Here's Nozy's review of the original version:

Woooow ok, this is probably one of the most relaxing maps I’ve EVER played on thanks to that KotoR Ahto City music, and to the really nice dappled shade created by the small forest (the only thing missing there is some tweeting birds). I find it very relaxing just to go under those trees, look out over the lake and listen to the music for a bit. And for that I love it.

However, I feel it could be improved upon. Some of the terrain is a bit…jaggedy, especially around the beach area, it would be cool if that could be smoothed out, also a lot of the map is just bare, it would be cool if there were some more patches of trees, and maybe some big rocks scattered around, try using the rocks out of the Vjun models folder, scale them up by using the key: modelscale and a value of 2 or whatever you want, then remap them to use a different texture (because the default texture on the model doesn’t work) using the key: _remap and in the value bit put the path of the texture you wish to use on the model, like *;textures/desert /rockwall2 or whatever you want to use (make sure you keep the *; at the start, otherwise it wont work). Then just scatter them around to add some more depth to your map

Also I think the shadows could be improved a little cause they were quite dark and angular, try smoothing the terrain out a bit and putting in the worldspawn in radiant the key: ambient and a value of 5 or whatever you want (this will add that amount of light to the ENTIRE map, so it lightens everything up a little).

Personally, I don't share in his optimism about this map, sorry. Looking at the screenshots between the old version and this one, I do wonder if there's been any significant improvement. I'll agree the music is nice, but with an environment as bland as this to go with it, it's hard to enjoy your play. The author(s) have smoothed out the terrain, but the fade-into-beach terrain has been blotted out by the surface of the water, which by the way, has an incredibly annoying and small repeating texture, and the colours seem a little vivid. Oh, and it rains UNDER the water. :P I found very little enjoyment on this map, no vehicles from what I could tell, and that cut-off around the edges of the map is dreadful :( There's also a texture error on the skybox in the night version.

The forested area isn't too bad, but the clipping is a little iffy here and there, and it's just a whole lot of tree models put around, which isn't very interesting really. The repeating texture used essentially everywhere is aesthetically unsound, and the blocky lighting in the night-time version (Just look at the shadows of the trees) isn't exactly jaw-dropping. In the daytime version, well there's hardly any terrain lighting at all, except in the forested area - it's all one flat shade. I'm sorry but I can't really see the interest in this map, I'd suggest making at least a mountainous portal around the edges of the map to prevent that horrible cutoff, and implement some focal points. Oh, and I'm pretty sure trees don't grow in the middle of massively deep lakes... :(

I dunno, a lot of people seemed to like the first version, don't ask me why, If this is what you want to see in a map then so be it - Oh, and unfortunately there's no bot support, and the author has included a lot of unnecessary files into the pk3 which makes it bigger than it really needs to be. The skybox is alright though ;) I realise JK3 isn't the greatest at creating nice terrains, but with a little more practise this could be so much more. As a final comment, remove the distance culling in any future versions - it's not like FPS is horrible at the moment, there's not a lot in it, and having things disappear over the horizon is, to say the least, disconcerting.

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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19 June 2005
Map Name                : The Lakes of Blood and Tea - VEETOO!!!(V2!!!)
Author                  : Bloody Tea Studios, which consists of two fellows from the clan |Ex|, 			  	  namely:
			  |Ex|Devmapall - Specialist with the radiant stuff!
			  |Ex|Maigus - EasyGen worker extroardinair!
Email Address           : Devvie Dev Deverson's email is found at
			  Maigie Maig Maigerson's email is
Website URL             : WE'VE ACTUALLY GOT ONE AND YOU SHOULD VISIT IT OFTEN!!  It's  (we're uncannily cheap)
Map description         : The Lakes of Blood and Tea VEETOO is the long-awaited sequal to the 			  		  cult classic, "The Lakes of Blood and Tea VEEWON".  The Ahto music makes 			  a triumphant return to the silver screen (unless your computer screen 			  	  isn't silver).  The two versions aren't "day" and "night" this time, 		  		  	  but "Sunset" and "Dusk" versions (ooh aah).  We appreciate feedback 				  	  at our website, and feedfront is also acceptable (although a nominal fee 	  		  accompanies it).  Enjoy, and don't forget to grovel daily! (and floss!)

Other info              : I may be speaking for myself here, but pie is goooood.

Additional Credits to   : rgoer once again indirectly made this possibly cause of his tutorial.

Thanks to               : Maigus and Dev for making a kick ass map.  Duh, who else would I thank?
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : Unless music counts as sound, no.
New Skins               : Er,'s a map...
New Objects             : Objects?

* Construction *
Brush Count             : Does anyone 
Vert Count              : really care about
Entity Count            : any of these?

Base info               : VEEWON!
Software used           : GTKRadiant, EasyGen, MSPaint, and babies.
Known Bugs              : fourteen house flies, ten spiders, a few ants and one beetle.
Build Time              : I didn't count.

* How to use this map *

Gun it down mercilessly with a team of polar bears from Sweden.  Then eat cookies.

* Copyright / Permissions *


In other words...THE MAP'S ILLEGAL!!!  RUN!!!!zomg!!!

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