The Last Bastion Part 2

NOTE: This machinima series is not filmed in Jedi Academy, but uses Jedi Academy materials. Keep this in mind when viewing.

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NOTE: This machinima series is not filmed in Jedi Academy, but uses Jedi Academy materials. Keep this in mind when viewing.

Part two of the Last Bastion series introduces three Starfleet vessels. During diplomatic negotiations (which, for some reason, include a plethora of 'yo momma' jokes) two Starfleet officers are interrupted by a Captain Jack-ish character who informs them of the Compliance's destruction (see Part 1). They are then sent off to investigate their comrades' destruction as well as this new threat.

Star Wars themes make no appearance in this episode, however the setup for them is necessary, so don't skip ahead to part 3!

Other Installments:

  • The Last Bastion Part 1
  • The Last Bastion Part 3
  • The Last Bastion Part 4


Warning: Some language and themes in this series may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Discretion is advised.

For those not wanting to spend time on the download, you may remotely view the video below.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The Last Bastion part 2
AUTHOR: Wayne Poe
E-MAIL: wpoesti at aol dot com

FILENAME: lb2redit.wmv 
DATE RELEASED: December 05, 2006

DESCRIPTION: "The Last Bastion" is a 6 part Star Wars vs Star Trek machinima video series which uses "Bridge Commander" and "Jedi Academy" for virtual sets, and uses "The Movies" for the actors, which are chroma-keyed in. A Greenscreen Tutorial on how "The Last Bastion" was created can be found here:

COMMENTS: "The Last Bastion" part 2: The USS Riemann and the USS Heritage are put under the command of Captain Robert Anderson of the USS Guardian to investigate the disappearance of the USS Compliance in the Serova Rift. A ceremonial show of strength with a new alien species goes horribly wrong...

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: The video file is in .wmv format, 320x240, and will play on the Windows Media Player. 

CREDITS: "The Last Bastion" part 2

Screenplay by: Phil Skayhan

Directed by: Wayne Poe


Captain Jorg: Phil Skayhan

Captain Kraft: Aseneth (View Askew Forum)

Captain Anderson: Andiana (

Captain Zunge: Socar15 ( Forum)

Tactical: Surlethe ( Forum)

All Other Voices: Wayne Poe


Greenscreen Bridge ~ Eggshine

Giant Greenscreen Placeable Wall ~ FraasMovies and Caystarz

Star Trek Costumes ~ Wayne Poe


P81_Galaxy  ~ Rick Knox

NanoFX 2.0 

Warp Star Streaks / Star Field ~ Gdluque

Crazyhids Crew Mod

Late TNG Galaxy Bridge ~ 3rd Era

Nemesis Sovereign Bridge ~ 3rd Era

Custom Registries ~ Wayne Poe


bruscar5 and Jamespetts 
available at:


Bounty ~ ( Forum)

Ender ~ ( Forum)

Publius ~ ( Forum)

LJ ~ (Bridge Commander Central Forum)

CaptainRussell ~ (Bridge Commander Central Forum)


This machinima movie may not be redistributed or sold on CD, DVD etc. This machinima movie is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd, Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, or Lionhead Studios. Copyrighted materials are the sole property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, and Lionhead Studios.

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