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My review of the first version of this mod: The Last Hope is a multiplayer mod that really adds a lot to the game. If you're looki...


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My review of the first version of this mod:

The Last Hope is a multiplayer mod that really adds a lot to the game. If you're looking to make more of your MP game, you might wanna take a closer look at this mod.

One of the features that many people have requested in a mod would be the ability to scale your model. You'll find that in this mod. I can't say that I'm all that familiar with NPC's and their behaviour, but the new commands in this mod for NPC's sounds very cool. You can make the NPC's follow you, attack wherever you're looking or have the NPC's defend your position. The author plans to add a command that will allow you to toggle dual weapons, but it's not in this version.

Some other features include RGB sabers, several classes such as Shadowtrooper, Boba Fett and Emperor (though that one still has some bugs, according to the author). Vehicle weapons have apparently been fixed and vehicles limit has been set to 64. There are a bunch of other features - too many to list. Try this mod out and be sure to give feedback to the author. I'm sure there will be many updates to improve upon this mod by SuperDindon.

Well, SuperDindon has updated this mod and now you can wield two weapons at one time! Probably something many of you have been looking forward to. The other features that seemed to be a big hit with everyone are still there, and improved upon. If you notice any bugs, feel free to post here to let the author know, but don't just say "OMG fix teh bugs!" Let the author know exactly what kind of bug it is, how you found it, etc. Oh, and be sure to read all of the documentation included with the mod before running to the author and telling him his mod sucks and that it doesn't work. :) I'm sure we'll see more updates to this mod.


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Title			: The Last Hope MOD 0.1.1
Author			: SuperDindon(Elie Morisse)
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			:

File Name		:
File Size			: 3,25 Mo
Date Released		: Feb 26 2004

Description		: Mod which will extend MP possibilities

Comments		: 



Launch TheLastHope0-1-1.exe and follow instructions.


1 - RGB Sabers

In the base game, you could only choose between 6 saber colors, and the only means to change them
is to use news GFX created by modders. Now with this mod your choice is extended to 16777216 colors,
thanks to a new saber color system, that allows the player to set the 3 color components ( Red, Green and Blue ).

This mod provides an UI, Bot and NPC RGB sabers support.

NOTE : The system used is not at all the TCK one (used i.e in JediMod and ForceMod) but a completeley new system
that i've developped especially for Jedi Academy.

2 - NPC Control System

Jedi Academy has brought an very interested feature from the Single Player game, the NPCs (Non Player Computing).
NPCs have an really better AI than bots, but unfortunately Raven had not exploited it (not enough time?). The Last Hope
fixes a lot of bugs, brings a better AI ( as good as in SP for some characters ) and above all a NPC Control System.

This system is inspired from the game Freedom Fighters©, and allow you to "recruit" allied NPCs by using them. Next
you can give them 3 orders : Attack, Defense, and Follow. Use them again if you want them to stop follow you.

Attack :
Make your NPCs attack the target that you point out. If the target is not a character or cannot take damage
then your NPCs will defend the position.

Defense :
Order your NPCs to defend your actual position. They will stay there until you give them an other order.

Follow :
Call back your NPCs. When they are following you they adopt your behavior. So if you are crouched they will try to pass
between enemies stealthly, and otherwise they try to attack enemies around with following you.

3 - Dual Weapons

The Last Hope provides a Dual Weapons ability. It means that you can have a weapon in each hand and shoot at
the same time or once per once. Devastating against Jedis and Siths. Here is a description of weapons used in twin mode:

- Blaster Pistols / Bryars:
Primary attack : Shoot once per once.
Secondary attack : Burst at the same time.

- Blasters / Bowcasters / Repeaters / Flechette Launchers / Concussion rifles / Thermal detonators :
Both attacks : Burst at the same time.

- Disruptor :
Primary attack : Burst at the same time.
Secondary Attack : Same effect than in single mode.

- DEMP2 :
Primary attack : Burst at the same time.
Secondary Attack : The damage zone is more than 2 bigger than in single mode.

- Rockets launchers :
Primary attack : Burst at the same time.
Secondary Attack : Can lock target with 2 rockets.

4 - Model Scaling

Model Scaling allows you to change your heigth and your width. The Last Hope is actually the only Jedi Academy mod
that take all in parameters : Collide Detection, Shadow Scale, Weapon Muzzle adapting, First View.
Now Yoda is Yoda, and not an obese green thinggummy, and Desann is not anymore a dwarf lizard.

5 - Extra Model Info Files

Sincerely i love the Ghoul2 Model System developped by Raven, results with them are most of time really greats.
But there is just a miss, modelers cannot set some parameters specific to their models. The Last Hope remedies to it
by creating a new file type, the Extra Model Info Files. These files are in text formats and loaded with the model.
They give to the modeler news parameters to allow them to customize more their model. So now you can set if the model
need a jetpack model, and if no where the flames should take place.

This feature is at its beginning, there is still not many parameters, but i hope that modelers that need an one contact me
to include it. This system has a enormous potential and can bring an exhaustive news possiblities to the game.

6 - Vehicles and Weapons limit

Another great feature that Jedi Academy brought out. The vehicles make the game really more various and some maps 
gameplays are only based on them. The only problem was the count limit, only 16 different vehicles and 16 vehicle weapons. 
Fans say "Why?". That was because of some optimisation problems and a crash when we try to increase up the limit. The 
Last Hope, on top of fix the crash and increase the limit to 64, make a few optimisations to help old computers and graphics 

7 - Custom Blade Styles

My preferred Jedi Outcast MP Mod, the ForceMod 2, inspired me for this feature. In that mod, we could choose between 
7 predefined differents blade styles. The Last Hope, with one more time a utterly new system, allows modders to create their
owns blade styles. With the new .sbl files they can personalize the glow, the core and the trail, and also the trail duration and
the saber radius.

Next you may just go in the saber color choice window and choose your blade style by its name. There is some examples
files to show their potential : an flame style which burns while a quite long time, and a realistic Episode II style.

8 - Better Jetpack System

An excellent feature, the jetpack, was already included in Jedi Outcast but not activated because it was not finished.
Some mods reincluded it as Movies Battles, and today jetpack code is completely done, but not well included ( very slow,
animations really sucky, even if a model doesnt need a jetpack model, game applies one on it ). The Last Hope correct
all of these mistakes, and the jetpack gameplay looks like more SP or the ForceMod 2, and with very better graphics.

The default new cvars values used are not very excitings. Try to change them and you can make the jetpack use
extremely fun!

9 - Miscanellous

The Last Hope adds a lot of others features(admin commands, emotes) and bug fixs. If you are looking for them,
go to read the others text files.




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