The Legend of KungLao: Chapter 8

Here ObiWanKenody brings the latest chapter in his epic work, the Legend of KungLao.

Having not seen all of the previous episodes, I feel...


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Here ObiWanKenody brings the latest chapter in his epic work, the Legend of KungLao.

Having not seen all of the previous episodes, I feel I am at somewhat of a disadvantage story wise, so I will concentrate on the rest of the movies features.

Direction / Editing

Having been in one of Kenody’s films before, I can attest to his excellent directing skills. The filming doesn’t always proceed quickly (I think even in real life film making the actors probably do a fair bit of messing around :P), but the final results are very impressive!

The filming is smooth and very well edited together, especially for the more dramatic parts of the film. I especially liked the scene, which starts off in a large skylight and slowly moves down into a very impressive burial crypt, it felt very artistic. I also very much enjoyed the duels, after all who doesn’t like a good duel? They were well choreographed with some nice acrobatic manoeuvres in there. One very cool shot included a set-piece battle between lots of Ninja / Samurai guys and their enemies. Although unfortunately the filming seemed to get a little slow and jerky at this point, but I imagine that is because of the large number of characters all fighting in the same area, along with the film recording slowing Kenody’s computer system down a bit.


Next onto the music, which from what the readme says was taken largely from Age of Empires 3. Personally I think this was a very good choice, as the music fits very well, and Kenody has done an excellent job of editing the music together to match the action sequences along with the slower sequences in the film.

Sets / Maps

The sets here (or should I say maps?) were also most impressive. I’m not sure who made the maps for this film, but whoever they were they did a very good job! Kenody also uses the maps to very good effect. One scene I especially liked was the ‘through the foliage’ shots of KungLao galloping on his horse. The burial chamber / crypt area was also very well made as was the temple like structure on top of the hill where the main battle takes place.


The story was well put together, and all the plot points were well explained I felt. The film was a good length, not too short but not too long and also included a good balance between the action, suspense and tragedy aspects. I obviously wont reveal the plot in any more detail, since that would spoil it for you guys, but what I will say is that it will keep you on the seat of your pants! :P


Since I am not a film director I can only give limited advice here. Mostly the film was great, there were just a few areas especially as with regard to the dialogue. Unfortunately the lips of the characters do not move when the dialogue is spoken, which doesn’t look quite right. The problem is, I don’t know if there is any way to make it so the mouth will move when the dialogue is dubbed in. Also, in a few instances the dialogue seemed to be cut off a bit too abruptly, however Kenody has used sounds from Age of Empires 3 here again, so that explains it. It is much more difficult to edit the dialogue properly when you only have a limited amount to work with, so more proper voice actors would be cool. Speaking of which, I think I might try and get a microphone sometime… ;)


All in all though more good work here from ObiWanKenody. It seems from the ending of this chapter that he is leading us to an impressive showdown in the chapters to come!

So if you guys like the KungLao series or just like the look of this film, then give it a download!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The Legend of KungLao Ch.8
AUTHOR: ObiWanKenody
WEBSITE: A new website is currently under construction.

FILENAME: TheLegendofKungLaoCh.8.rar
DATE RELEASED: May 12th, 2007

CREDITS: SMoKE, Kessno, Shadriss, Shady-D, The Real Kain, Cassanova, [IMI]Azuma, Mars Marshall AkA "Neomarz1", Stellcat, Hirman, Darkahn, Tobe and RevanDark for all the stuff you guys made for JKA.
Vocals from: Age of Empires 3 and Age of Empires 3: The Warchiefs (and some individual volunteers)
Music: Age of Empires 3 & X-Ray Dog

DESCRIPTION/PLOT SUMMARY: Well there isn't much to say about this one. It's the 8th chapter in the KungLao series. After finally defeating the Mafia crime boss, KungLao realizes he's made 
a terrible mistake. The battle for Tokyo is almost over (where the knights have the upper hand) but Amelia Black is in grave danger. If only KungLao had made it back
in time...what would've happened?

PROGRAMS USED: Sony Vegas 6.0d, Fraps (No, I didn't use fraps for recording =P lol)

BLOOPERS/MISTAKES: Yes, there are a few... because noone's perfect. When we see the Mafia boss laying on the ground, the blood is missing.
(Chapter 7 was bloody) Same situation in the Dojo. The missing bodies at the end can be explained, or if you're smart enough, you can figure
out why they're gone. =P

ObiWanKenody (Director, Producer, Editor, yadda yadda)
SMoKE (KungLao, Ninja Assassin, Kiyoshi)
Myoga (Major Cooper, Ninja Assassin)
Master Motoko Aoyama (Amelia Black)
Cziko (Mafia Boss' corpse)
Aves Teinn (Amelia backup, Red Guard)


DIRECTOR'S COMMENTS: Alas! Chapter 8 of The Legend of KungLao is ready for consumption. This took quite a while because it is one of the most important 
chapters in the series. This is the most emotional chapter in the series, that explains more about Chapter 7 and gives a clue about Chapter 9. 
I hope you all enjoy it. Chapter 9 is being worked on, but we're not sure when it'll be ready for viewing. Perhaps in 2-3 weeks. Until we get the new website to be functional, this is all.


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