The Legend Of KungLao (Intro/Prelude)

ObiWanKenody obviously understands the basics of cinematic filming. That much is evident from this piece. While it has its strengths and wea...


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ObiWanKenody obviously understands the basics of cinematic filming. That much is evident from this piece. While it has its strengths and weaknesses, like every film, I generally found it to be a good piece, although its content really isn't up my alley.

A few things I was impressed with were the choices of music (and the choice not to use any music during certain segments - when music was used, it fit, and when music was not used, it also fit).The variations between the Samurai skins was also a plus, even if it was only the use of the team skins (I assume) for the various different samurais, it still made a big difference and was better than seeing the same skin over three characters.

I found some of the fades to be a little short. The actual clip, I mean. The fades themselves seemed very long in proportion to the clip, in some instances. But the use of pans to set the mood at the beginning was a very interesting idea, if not all that effective at this point. Work on that, because it could be a real strength in the future. I'm assuming the long fade time has to do with underpowered software, so if you don't have professional grade software you might consider buying something a little more powerful. Just... don't go for Pinnacle...

As for the actual story, it was a bit strange, having a mafia guy ordering hits on Samurai during what seemed to be a modern time. Seeing ninjas and samurai in a modernish city was a little weird, but all the elements of a good plot are there. Maybe work on characterization a bit more, though.


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The Legend Of KungLao (Intro/Prelude)

     In the city of Japan, the Mafia is awaiting a meeting with the Ninja Assassin, to discuss an important mission/job. They arrive,
The Ninja Assassin accepts the assignment and sends his men over to the village to eliminate the samurais.
     When the ninjas get to the village, a samurai is walking around, and a ninja appears behind him, taking his life. The samurai on the side
wakes up in alert, and walks into the house. KungLao's brother (Yoshi) has a bad feeling that something is wrong. He informs the samurai to be
careful, but it is useless. The other ninjas come out of nowhere and eliminate the remaining samurais, before KungLao returns home. Later that
evening, KungLao returns home, and notices that all of the villagers are dead, including his own brother. He glares at his brother, (slain on
the ground) and at midnight, he buries him in the cemetary. (The back of an abandoned church)
     the next day, KungLao tracks down the Ninja Assassin, and listens in on the conversation between him and the Mafia. The Ninja Assassin 
glances behind him, and notices the Samurai. The Mafia disappears into dust, (like dust) and the chase begins. During the chase, the Ninja 
Assassin lures the Samurai into the alley, (into a trap) where he escapes, and leaves the Samurai in an uncomfortable situation.

Directed By: ObiWanKenody

Movie Runtime: 5:48:58 (minutes:seconds:miliseconds)
Built Time: 2 weeks (including some issues with Codecs and MP3 files)
Release Date: December 4th, 2005

ObiWanKenody (director)
Myoga (Ninja Assasin, Ninjas)
|SjO|DarthSidious|JC| (Ninjas)
|SjO|SMoKE|JC| (Kungao)
Stake_Black (Mafia, Ninjas)
Callango (Yoshi, Ninjas)

Programs Used:
Jedi Academy
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
DivX Converter

Director's Comments:
   First Of All, I'd like to thank |SjO|DarthSidious|JC| for providing a server in order for us to have done this movie. I am proud of him, he was our saviour lol.
This movie took us a while to do, since I had some issues with Codecs and some MP3 files. Next time I hope these issues won't happen, for it is very frustrating
for me to edit movies more than once. This is our 2nd movie, so please don't be too hard on us. (If you are picky) Although I had good reviews and comments on our 1st
movie, which was Bush's Assassination. This is the 1st episode of the KungLao series, and it will introduce you to the storyline and prepare you for the 2nd
episode. (coming soon)
   Our next big movie will be a 9/11 Tribute, remembering the cowardly terror attacks on America. For more information, you can check us out
at and, or e-mail me at [email protected] Yes, this time both of the links work. Last
time the NTS homepage was down, and had to be fixed.
   Last but not least, credits go to RevanDark for those superb 'melee weapons', [IMI]Azuma for the 'Samurai' models, Swampster for the 'Fortress Japan' map, Captainm for the 'Ghost In The shell:
Tokyo' map, and Kalos for those awesome Ninja skins.

hope to hear from you soon!

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