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Now, I may not be an expert on the 'technical correctness' of a model, nor how to perfectly critique a skin, and to be honest, I don't feel...


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Now, I may not be an expert on the 'technical correctness' of a model, nor how to perfectly critique a skin, and to be honest, I don't feel that's totally necessary either. Here is what I believe a skin should have in order to succeed, when based off a non-original character which in this case, dare I say, is quite well known.

Number one: The skin and model should actually look like the person who is on show, and that especially includes the facial texture. Number two: The model deforms correctly and can be selected from the menu.

If a file has fulfilled these two criteria, I don't really care how many polies the model has - (hey, my PC can handle it. ;) ) unless of course it’s ridiculously high or ridiculously low. And, of course, when the model by chance also happened to be from one of my personal favorite anime shows, well, then, how lucky is that? ;)

I think everybody here will recognize Goku from the images, at least those who have seen Dragonball Z on television. As I mentioned above, that’s a great sign. The textures aren't photo-realistic though, and perhaps are even a little low-res. But it still manages to work with this character because of its style. It's anime, where high-res textures aren't always key. And whilst some may disagree about the hair, I rather like it. It's modeled well on all three of this models forms (That's normal Goku, and Goku in Super Saiyan 1 and 3 transformations.) and I personally think that the almost flat-shades here are perfectly adequate. Now, I didn't notice any deformation bugs when testing, however the readme does mention that some exist, so that may be a factor to consider when downloading. I have a feeling that's probably only relevant in SP mode, which is supported by this pack, but I didn't test because...well, the JA storyline makes me want to hurt things. ;)

The sounds were my only main concern - far too loud, and they're all practically identical, but at least they weren't Kyle. I also really liked the facial textures. There was a nagging feeling that they didn't look quite right, but when you wont see the character's face for most of the time when playing, a small personal nag shouldn't be very problematic, and if nothing else, this model is definitely the best Goku I've seen on this site, with the last version of Goku I saw being a rather crude reskin of the cloud model. So I do recommend this for Dragonball Z fans, and even if you're not a fan, you may still find this appealing. :D

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (6.41MB)

* Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Model*
* The Legendary Goku                   *
* By: Shady-D                                *
* Site:               *
* Mail: [email protected]         *
* [email protected]       *

Really...if u dont know this.. than 
u are either new to jka or ur just 
plain dumb XD. Oh well. Extract files
to /gamedata/base folder.. thats all!

Delete the .pk3 from ur base folder

This is a transformation pack that contains goku, goku ssj and goku ssj3.
I have made a little script to "transform" between the models.
if you are using base JKA type: /exec goku in the console
If you are using JA+ type: /exec goku_ja in the console
than press these buttons to transform:
Z - Normal Goku
X - Super Saiyjn Goku
C - Super Saiyjin Goku 3

My ssj3 goku isnt all that great but meh..

***Goku, SSJ Goku Models***
Model+Texture:      Ned ([email protected] /
Conversion: Psyk0Sith ([email protected] /
Sounds:     Elegos Vos
SP Species Help: Inyri Forge

***SSJ3 Goku model***
Model+Texture: Shady-D

Special thnx:
Elegos Vos

Known Bugs:
Arms deform horribly occasionally.
Hair couldnt be weighed properly... ah well
Texture is too light for JKA

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