The Lost Duel

The lost duel has apparently been found! Now to track down those pesky missing textures! This small map consists of a few tiny platforms...


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File Description

The lost duel has apparently been found! Now to track down those pesky missing textures!

This small map consists of a few tiny platforms all connected by ramps and such. One of the textures used seems to be missing (I think it's from JK2, but I didn't really have time to go to the extra effort of checking so the author can clarify that). I don't really know what the thrill of this is supposed to be - architecture is blocky, the map has very few positive gameplay elements, and the texturing is pretty bland. And even for a duel, this map is small.

I would recommend that the author expand the map slightly and include some kind of architectural stylings to make the map less bland and more interesting in terms of gameplay. The only 'interesting' thing that I can see happening is you might fall off of it during the middle of a duel. I always found that more annoying than exhilarating, though. Not entirely bad, but I'd say keep working on it and make it even better. :)

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: The Lost Duel
AUTHOR: CK aka Count Konnan 
WEBSITE: None (I'm only a time to time mapper :) )

FILENAME: lost_duel.pk3 
FILESIZE: 4,028 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 17 September 2007 

CREDITS: This whole Map was created only by me, Background music from Unreal Tournaments 2003

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Very simple, if you dont understand this then, shut your computer down and walk away,
Extract the file lost_duel.pk3 from the, and place it into this directory,
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base, and that should be it installed. 

DESCRIPTION: Ok, first explanation of this map, i was bored and just felt like doing somthing and desided to do a small dueling map.
In the future i might make this bigger, and make it like a Sky Station (Which i know is unheard of) But its an idea. This is really my second ever map i've created.
I didn't put alot of effort into it, so what you see in the screenshot is really everything, except, the medium sized pipe/Tube sticking out the Air Water Line, Is so it collects the rain (Stupid idea, but thats me i'm affraid :) ). 
So, this is it, 4 Platforms, 2 Tubes, and feel free to jump of whenever you want :), It's all abit dark, but there is some nice lighting in it, so hope you at least half enjoy it :)

BUGS: None that i know of.


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