The Lost Temple v2

Well, up until now, I’ve never played a map by Meush, with a cool name like that, I’ve always wondered what his maps would be like, well, no...


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Well, up until now, I’ve never played a map by Meush, with a cool name like that, I’ve always wondered what his maps would be like, well, now I’ve found out….and they’re great! :D

There are actually 2 maps here (one is a small duel sized map, that is also a part of the main map). So I will do the main one first of all.

The main one is pretty big. That was the first thing that struck me when I explored it, was how big it is. Its also pretty well detailed. It’s in the Korriban temple style (I believe one or two bits were taken from the Korriban Single Player map). I’ve seen a lot of Korriban styled maps, probably a few too many lol…that style can get a bit repetitive after a while, but in this case I am pleased to say that the author has done a good job of making the architecture and texturing nice, and making sure it doesn’t get too repetitive.

There’s also some very nice use of effects. Like the cascading lava in one room, and little spark like things that float off some of the lights, that kinda thing adds a nice touch to a map. (look out for the nice twisty columns in the main area).

Both the music and lighting fitted in well with the style of the map, the music especially so. Stargate music is always cool to use in a temple themed map ;)

One of my favourite areas was the outside landing pad like area, with the Z-95 and the big glass control room, that looked cool ;) I also liked the terrain below, with the volcano, it’s a shame it kills you when you jump off, I would have liked to go down there, it would have been a good place for duelling…

**imagines using choke to hold someone over the volcano…hehe**

eehm, anywayy.…

One of the coolest bits was this hidden teleporter, that took you to a spiders web like duel area, which looked brilliant, with the spiders that crawl all around it hehe.

And that takes me toooo…..the second map in the pack, which was…the spiders web area!

I can see why the author made this area into a separate duel map as well, it would be a very interesting place to duel! The textures used look brilliant, the crawling spiders are amazing, and the water droplet thingy that falls down from the middle also looks cool.

All in all an excellent map(s) that I think is well worth a download, especially if you are in a clan or like RPG’ing (the bar area is cool, with an actual working mirror in the toilet!), its also a brilliant map if you just want somewhere cool to play, or fancy exploring (its pretty BIG).

There were a few things that I think could be worked on though (on the main map), one was making the layout a little less complicated, because it took me soooo long to find my way around, and I’m still not sure whether I saw EVERYTHING. There also seemed to be a couple of missing textures. One other thing was the gold light fittings in one of the main rooms, they just seemed….a bit too bright, the colour I mean. The bright gold just didn’t seem to go with the old Korriban temple look, maybe if you could have made them a bit darker or something, to fit in with the surroundings. Lastly, in the room with the lava falls, the roof there was…just solid black, I dunno whether that was intentional, or an error or something, but it did look pretty weird.

Not a bad map at all m8! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more maps from you.:)

(Don’t forget to look for the secrets, which there are quite a few of! ;) )

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel (for BOTH maps)


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Download '' (28.47MB)


Title					: The Lost Temple
Version					: 2 (not final, I think)
Author					: MeusH
E-Mail					: [email protected] or [email protected]

File Name				: thelosttemple_ffa.pk3
File Size				: 28,7 MB
Date Released				: 8th May 2005

Suggested gametypes for The Lost Temple	: FFA, TFFA
Suggested gametypes for The Lost Spider	: Duel, PowerDuel


This is an ancient temple of the force build in mountains of Korriban
as secret place of trainings for Jedis and Mercenaries.

This map has been made in mind to keep all players happy:
*The true players,
*these people who use only saber :(
*and rpgers




The Lost Spider is a duel map - spider's web floating
very high over organic rich surface.
This map features obstacles - slime drops and running spiders

The Lost Temple is a very big FFA map:

You can find many detailed areas in the map, I'll describe them:
-Yard - From first version of The Lost Temple
-Main hall - Big detailed hall including snipers' camp point near the ceiling
-Spaceport - Very big exterior area including:
--Landing pad (and surprise)
--Control room
--Generator room (for kick duels - kick enemy out of catwalk)
-Heating room - Big dueling area with rocket launcher and lava chimneys
-Water supply - Also big dueling area with swimming raft and training bot
-Unnamed - Dueling area with detpacks
-Altair room - Dueling area with fire in the middle, corridor and secret:
 concussion rifle, shields, medpack and detpacks - try to get there
-Bar and toilet - Real players have rocket ammo and shields there,
 rpgers can waste loads of hours there :D
 Also there is passage to The Lost Spider dueling area
-Underground hall - Plenty of space, disruptor and medpacks
-Pressure room - remember dm_pressure from Unreal?
-Labirynth and puzzles - use brain and gain acces to secret lava room
-Underground dueling area - Just dueling area and repeater

There is also lot of surprises.


Special objective game:

One can gain acces to secret room and enable special objective mode.
The ladder begins in the main hall.

Players must defeat unknown raiders, who come in three waves.
It is the easiest to kill them with disruptor and rocket launcher,
because they can kill one very easy in saber fight, but do as you want.

Next objective game can be activated as soon as
last invader from final wave is defeated


Map:			The Lost Temple		The Lost Spider

Brush count:		12069			331
Enity count:		1353			38
Custom music:		Yes			No
Custom textures:	Yes			Yes
Bot waypoints:		Yes			Yes
New effects:		Yes			Yes


Special thanks	: Wade, Wedge, GothiX and everybody from
		: Plozzt for beta-testing
		: My dad for tips, ideas, hints and whatever :)
                : Raven for map 'kor1', which I used to make part of my map
Installation:	: Put thelosttemple_ffa.pk3 in your /gamedata/base/ directory.


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