The Master's Laser Screwdriver

22laserscrewdriver.zip —


I prefer sonic screwdrivers to laser screwdrivers, but that's probably just me. :DThis is actually not a bad recreation of the Master's laser screwdriver, despite what the author says in his readme. Sure, it does have a couple of missing details, and is slightly larger than it should be, but that is only because if it were any smaller, it would be really difficult to see it.The texture is not bad, but it could have done with a bit more tweaking in my opinion. It's a new model though, and making new hilt models is not an easy task (I started on a false leg hilt a few months back, but it turned out to be a disaster, lol. :p )Aside from that, it's a fairly good model, and goes great with the sonic screwdriver from this pack, aswell with the Doctor himself. Isomorphic controls have been left out of the laser screwdriver this time, so it'll work for you! :DOne more thing, when the standard lightsaber blade is extended, it is actually 3 thinner blades. One for each "port" on the end of the laser screwdriver. I thought it was a nice touch. ;)-SuperSmeg


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