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Ahh the good old Academy Map. This is a genre of maps that has been going strong since the very genesis of Jedi Academy. Here today we have...


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Ahh the good old Academy Map. This is a genre of maps that has been going strong since the very genesis of Jedi Academy. Here today we have the latest addition to the community’s long history of Academy maps, the appropriately titled ‘New Academy’!

From the ground the layout seems to consist of many small areas, however if you use noclip like I did and view it from above, you will actually find that the whole map is just one single huge area with different buildings and walls dividing it up. This I think was a clever use of space, and from higher up the map feels really open and big. Like most Academy themed maps, this map uses a lot of Yavin textures for that Jedi Academy look, although there is also a good range of other textures, including quite a lot of custom ones. Some of these custom textures which I especially liked were the door textures, which very conveniently have written on them the area to which they lead, which especially in a large map I think is a good idea so you don’t get lost! :P

As far as structural detail is concerned the map is fairly simple, which isn’t a bad thing because in an Academy map you need to have subtle architecture so that a wide variety of people and clans with different tastes can use it. Outside it is a similar story, although there is one particular area which I absolutely loved. This is the area with the Cherry Blossom trees. This area looks really great, very peaceful and relaxing with the pale pink Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese style pagoda tower in the background. What is more the whole area is carpeted with flowers and small pink Cherry Blossoms fall through the air. Well done with this area mate, you did a great job!

This map has all the features you would expect of an Academy map, bedrooms for the members, training rooms, an outside FFA / battle area and a secret admin area. I do think however there could be some more improvements made, to make it an even better Academy map. Mainly, though simple architecture is good in an Academy map, I feel the architecture here could do with some more defined detail, i.e. make sure you stick to the same kind of Yavin themed architecture throughout, so the whole map has a continuous theme so to speak. Also I think the layout needs adjusting somewhat, because as it is now it is not always easy to find your way around even with the signs on the doors.

The other problem is that this was made for the Keepers of the Force (KoF) Clan, so there are some clan logos and other references about which may put other clans off from using this on their servers.

Overall though, good work here, especially with that Cherry Blossom field! I think this is a good map and I definitely think it’s worth a download! :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF


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Download '' (11.9MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The New Academy
AUTHOR: Ghost (Filefront username "cloudflint")

FILENAME: the_new_academy.pk3
FILESIZE: 12,392 kb (12mb)
DATE RELEASED: 23 November 2008

The posters used in the small arena are all either made by me or use images which are publicly available.
The cherry blossom effect was also created by me.
The cherry blossom trees used an image I made for the leaves and a Jedi academy model for the trunk. 
The inscription (What inscription you ask? well that’s a secret) was made by me but the words where taken from the book "Mattimeo" by Brian Jacques.
The holograms where made by me but use pictures of skins not made by me.
All other textures are either built into JKA or are made by me.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the "the_new_academy.pk3" file in your base folder overwriting any previous versions.

BACKSTORY: Long ago a group of force users where wandering through the jungle on Yavin 4 when they encountered some ancient ruins. They decided to use the large amount of materials there to build their own academy. During the excavations of the ruins they discovered an area of extremely high force energy littered with graves. Not wishing to disturb the site they left it in place and simply built around it and in time all that was left of the old ruins was a small patch of rubble and some ancient graves. This patch of ground became known as the old academy with the new construction simply being referred to as the new academy.


The name of the bsp file is &quot;kof_new_academy&quot; for changing to it on your server. So to change to it you would do &quot;/changemap <mode> kof_new_academy&quot; or just vote for it if the server supports it.

This map supports the following gamemodes: FFA, TFFA, DUEL, POWERDUEL, CTF, CTY

This map also supports bots.

This is version 2.2 of the new academy. Want to play the previous versions? Well you cant because they where only released clan wide and besides they suck compared to this version.

This is a clan map and is the first map I have publicly released. The map features the following areas:

Main entrance - Everyone spawns at the main entrance. From here you can teleport instantly to any of the fighting areas if they have already been accessed meaning you don’t have to run a long way every time you die.

Garden - This is a large garden area where you can relax and chill out after a long days duelling. There is a pool where you can go for a swim and a barbeque area.

Old academy ruins - The ruins of a previous academy that was built on the site. I made this area as a memorial to my former Jedi academy clan which alas through a cruel twist of fate largely no longer plays Jedi academy.

Small arena - A small arena for duelling in. Features spectator stands, adjustable lighting and a large screen TV to watch ceremonies on.

Meditation room - A room where you can go to meditate and reflect on the mysteries of the unknown.

Ceremony room - A room for doing rank-up ceremonies in. To work this room the lead player should stand on the centre pillar, that’s the pillar 4 places from either side. The lead  player can then use the &quot;use&quot; button to make the pillars go up and down and once they are up they can use either attack button to fill any empty pillars with a hologram so you always get a full circle during ceremonies. For dramatic effect I have found its best to draw your saber with the secondary attack button as with the barriers you wont actually throw your saber and this has the effect of drawing your saber and activating the holograms at the same time.

Large arena - A large arena for doing large battles in. This arena features a 360 degree spectator area and adjustable lighting. The walls can also be lowered to make the arena even bigger! The arena can also be transformed to turn the middle area into a multi level duelling area and the outer area into a swoop racetrack.

Training room - This is a room for training in. Like all the fighting areas it also features adjustable lighting. You can spawn npc&apos;s in this room to duel against with level 1 being an easy npc up to level 4 which is a very tough npc. There is also a kill button to kill everyone in the training pit in case someone fills it with npc&apos;s and the server starts lagging or nobody can get in without dieing. A siren will go of for ten seconds before everyone gets killed so if your in the training pit and you hear a siren get out fast!

High level training tower - This is a tower designed to let strong players fight each other in a dangerous environment. The higher you go the more dangerous it gets! This tower doesn’t feature adjustable lighting, what you see is what you get!

Secret areas - there are numerous secret areas in the map, these are: Tower of testing, disco button, The sky top bar, council room and dungeons. See if you can find them all!

BUGS: None that I know of. Im a perfectionist so if I know of any bugs I refuse to release the map till they are sorted.
The swoop bikes don’t seem to have skins, I believe this is a problem with JKA not my map.

COMMENTS: Well this is the first map I have publicly released so I apologise in advance for the many newbish mistakes im sure I have made. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:


- For beta testing the map and pointing out all the places where it could be improved.

Test Subject
and the rest of the users at the filefront Jedi academy modding forums

- For answering my questions about mapping.

Kof clan - For taking me in when my old clan went down and inspiring me to make this map.

The immortals clan - For inspiring me to make the map which I never got round to finishing but was able to steal lots of parts from to make this map. (Yes I stole parts from another map to make this one but I made the map I was stealing from so its alright :) )

And finally thanks to anyone who downloads this map and plays it. Seeing people enjoying my maps is the main reason I started mapping in the first place.


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