The New Imperial Order Montage

Let me start out with a warning to our viewers: if you absolutely can't stand annoying songs, like the Numa Numa song, the ch...


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Let me start out with a warning to our viewers: if you absolutely can't stand annoying songs, like the Numa Numa song, the chicken dance, or Justin Timberlake's 'Get Your Sexy On', don't download this video. I wouldn't want to be responsible for your heads exploding.

Anyway, on to the video. It's loooong, folks. Just over 14 minutes of actual footage, and two minutes of credit/nothingness at the end. This can mean one of two things: the author shoved a lot of stuff into it, or the author didn't effectively use their time. My opinion: a little of both.

This video features a lot of different skits loosely tied together. Don't be turned away by, what is in my opinion, a dreadfully dull opening. After about three minutes it picks up. It's still dreadfully slow, but if you can get past that it is indeed funny. I did find myself wanting to stab my eyes out at times because the pace of the video is just so slow! In future videos I hope the author will realize that the average viewer of the site only have a finite amount of patience, and I wouldn't expect it's all that much longer than about 30 seconds, so 4 minutes of Rosh singing the Numa Numa song is probably a bit too much.

That said, that was probably my favorite part of the video. The only sad part about it is the poor camera work. I assume the author was filming himself in-game at that point, judging from how the camera behaves, so fooling around with the third person range, angle, and vertical offset would have worked wonders. Speeding up certain sections would be my main request, though. There's no need to have Rosh (or a Jawa) dance/sing an entire song. That's just boring and annoying. However if you trimmed off some of the fat, you'd retain the really good parts, which are what will make this video worth watching for those of you who can sit through it.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: The New Imperial Order Montage
AUTHOR: James Skywalker
E-MAIL: [email protected]
FILENAME: New_Imperial_Order_MOntage.wmv
DATE RELEASED: 15 March 2007 


-The =NIO= clan - You guys are the best clan I have ever been in. Thanks guys for all of the support you all showed for this 
Video even though I started it back in august and you all have been waiting for it ever since. You guys are the best! 

-David (AKA Eruan) - I couldn’t have possibly filmed most of the movie without you. Thanks for all of the great Ideas you 
gave me for the video. Thanks for all of the "constructive Advice" ;) you gave also. Thanks Bro.

-Michael (AKA Hajime) - Thanks for all of those fun times on the NIO Server. I don't think I will forget when I first met you
Or the times since then. Also, thanks for all of the support you have shown for the video. thanks for putting up with all the
grief I have given you for it also. heh. ;)

-Adobe Premiere Pro - You’re finally mine, <3 and I couldn’t have done it without you. :P


-More credits in the video-

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the video file and run it with Windows Media Player or any other video player it will work with. 

DESCRIPTION: This is a video I have been working for the NIO clan since august (or September, im not sure anymore). Basically a bunch of random skits that don’t really flow together all put together into one video. But anyway. I will leave the review for the reviewers at I hope you all enjoy it! 

ERRORS: A few filming &quot;errors&quot; but they are hopefully forgivable. maybe... 

-This video is a production of Paperclip Studios TM

-Throughout the entire time I have been working on this film I have used multiple programs to get scenes done. all of their credtis are in the video. oh, and For the record im not trying to take anything from the JKA re-edited series but i was inspired by it and wanted to do something with the sound clips just as Eaglestriker did. I hope everyone who watches this will get some amount of enjoyment out of it. 

-To DeathK, Dlit, Yuna, Ninja, Heroton, Lancelot, and John from the JO|SO clan - I know I promised that the scene you guys helped with the acting for to be in this video but it just didnt work. There were some problems with the video files unfortunately and rather than refilm it I just decided to just scratch it from the video. Maybe next time guys. Alright?  Thanks for the effort though.


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