The New Imperial Order Montage Re-edited

I laughed just about all the way through this video, so that tells me the author really did re-edit it in a good way. If you'll remember ...


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I laughed just about all the way through this video, so that tells me the author really did re-edit it in a good way. If you'll remember waaay back to March, I gave the original version of this video a less-than-sparkling review, making good use of the words "long" and "boring". I recommended that the author trim off the fat, and so he has. Definitely.

Now since it was March when I reviewed the original, I can't remember all the details, but all the things I saw in this video were quite amusing so I'm gathering that we were on the same wavelength about the things that needed to be shortened and/or removed, which is a good thing (for me at least). The video still has that random feel to it, but not so much a disconnected feel which is a definite improvement.

So on to the meat. If you're planning on giving this a watch, think Scary Movie meets Star Wars meets TRL. It features some of the most annoying songs you can think of -- Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, James Blunt's You're Beautiful, the Numa Numa Song, and, my person least favorite, My Chemical Romance's awful awful whateveritscalled song (thank you for not playing enough of it to get to the lyrics). I have a confession... since March I've actually come to like that Justin Timberlake song. Even if you don't, though, it really doesn't matter. Every scene featuring any of these songs has a definite mockery feel to it, so if you don't like them all the better! And let's not forget about the Jawa that's oddly reminiscent of Samara Morgan from The Ring...

My favorite change here? The Numa Numa scene being retained, but being moved to the credits. A wonderful way to not compromise -- include the entire scene (or most of it) but place it in a location that isn't quite as important. Perfect. :) If you're looking for some laughs at Jaden, Kyle, Luke, and (especially) Rosh's expense, definitely give this re-edited video a shot. It's a definite improvement over the original!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: The New Imperial Order Montage Re-edited
AUTHOR: James Skywalker
FILENAME: New_Imperial_Order_Montage_Re-edited.wmv
RUNTIME: 8 minutes 51 seconds
DATE RELEASED: 9 August 2007 


Map credits
-Sith Council V2
-Blue Ice Twilight
-Jedi's Home V2

Program credits
-Adobe Premiere Pro 

-Many more credits are in the video-

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the video file and run it with Windows Media Player or any other video player it will work with. 

DESCRIPTION: well i decided to take Inyri's advice and i "trimmed the fat off" or at least as much as i could. the "dull" opening is gone and replaced with what i think is a better opening and one more suited for this video. i also gave this video a more movie like feeling to it making sure that everything was more than "loosely" tied together, and it shouldnt be so dreadfully long that you will want to stab your eyes out as i made sure that scenes were not longer than what would be tolerable. hopefully some people will get a laugh or two out of this video. i cant wait to see all of your reveiws/comments and im open to the critism AS LONG AS it is honest critism and not like "OMG this suxors!!!11one!!! -10000000000/10"

ERRORS: A few filming/editing "errors" but they are hopefully forgivable, it is really hard for me to want to go back and fix something really small when it takes an entire hour just to render the video, and yes you may say "couldnt you just watch for errors before you render??" but what you have to realize is that unless you have a top notch system you dont always get that pleasure when your working with adobe premiere pro because it sucks up all of your memory even my 1 gb of ram and im lucky to even have this program in the first place.

-This video is a production of Paperclip Studios TM


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