The New Revan Dark Weapons

You know, I don't like reviewing mods like this. They make me feel inept, hehe. This is the kind of weapons pack, however, that will teach y...


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You know, I don't like reviewing mods like this. They make me feel inept, hehe. This is the kind of weapons pack, however, that will teach you that you don't need to have a magnificent skin to have a magnificent weapon. Of course I'm not saying the skins on these weapons are bad, I'm just saying they're simple, and that works.

The beauty of these places - and hilts - comes from their shaders. With a simply shaded skin, a custom chrome shader goes a long way. That's right. It's not the ordinary Raven chrome shader. Well, actually the shader is the same, but the environment maps are custom-made to fit the style of the blades better. This produces an excellent chrome effect on the blades and hilts.

This pack actually contains something I, until this very moment, thought was not possible to do in JA - a genuine glow. I'm definitely keeping this in my base folder, more to learn as a modeller than to use. Folks, this pack is very well done, both visually and technically. My hat's off to you, Revan. You are a god among mortals.

Oh, in case you guys don't feel like reading the read-me (shame on you!) there are twenty-one weapons in this pack, including 4 lightsabers, 11 swords, 4 staves, 1 hammer (geez is it ever big), and one gun (a DEMP replacement). Read the read-me for more information on special weapons included in this pack.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: The New Revan Dark Weapons
AUTHOR: Revan Dark

FILENAMES: RevanDark_Weapons.pk3  RevanDark_Special_weapons.pk3  RevanDark_ScepterGun.pk3  RevanDark_Blood_for_Swords.pk3
FILESIZE: 13MB (all together) (roughly) lol.
DATE RELEASED: 28 August 2005

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. 

DESCRIPTION: Every Weapon that was in the last version of Revan Dark Weapons, has undergone a makeover, including: Modeling, skinning,                                     effects, and sound change improvements. The "Dark Knight" and "Knight" swords have been Completely Re-designed. (designs were Based on real
                   swords)  There are also a number of NEW weapons (listed in this readme). All weapons should be available in single player.
             All Weapons have been made completely balanced with standard sabers (no bonuses, speed or damage changes, and weapons don't                                   bounce off walls) However, In single player the weapons do bounce off walls. the "RevanDark_Special_weapons" pk3
	     there are 4 weapons with attributes different than a standard saber (explained in this readme) They were placed in a seperate
	     pk3 so that anyone who doesn't want to use weapons that might not be balanced with a standard saber wouldn't have to.

	     A Blood mod has also been included in the zip (In a seperate pk3) wich adds blood effects for the swords, and causes blood to                                 squirt out of severed limbs in single player. If you do not wish to use the blood mod, don't put it in your Jedi Academy's Base

             There are a total of 21 weapons in this Weapon pack 
             which include:
             - 4  Lightsabers: LS-106, Sith Soldier, Revan, Alien Design
             - 11 Swords: The Cyber Ninja's (red,blue,green--each a different model), Dark Knight, Knight, Jade, Hattori Hanzo Steel, Oren                                   Ishii + Scabbard, Ninja, Gray Fox
	     - 4  Staffs: Dragon Staff, Metallic Bo Staff, Serren Scepter, Sorcerer Staff
	     - 1  Hammer: Dark Wave Hammer
             - 1  Demp2 replacement (In a seperate pk3): Serren Scepter (Fire Mode)
             -Special Weapons: 4 of the weapons are classified as being "Special" lol...
                               They are special because they have attributes that differ from that of a standard lightsaber.
                              -All of the Special Weapons have been put into a seperate pk3 incase anyone doesn't wish to use them.
              The Special weapons and descriptions:
		             -Dark Wave Hammer: When you strike the ground it creates a sort of shock wave effect that causes slight damage
					        and noticeable knock back. Direct hits on enemies can send the enemy Flying!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!
			                        The hammer is about twice as strong as a standard saber, makes you move and attack                                                                 really slow (not ridiculously slow, but pretty slow). Also, you can't switch saber style's or                                                                 use force while "saber up"...Soooo, it's still possible for someone using a standard saber to                                                                 kill you (Though they'll have to be good and fast).

			       -Serren Scepter: Slightly slower than a standard staff saber, but slightly stronger. Also, attacks bounce off                                                                  walls. When you hit an enemy with the blades it causes the most damage (Each blade is about                                                                   50% stronger than a regular saber) it also creates an electric effect. When you hit an enemy                                                                  with a non-blade attack it causes slight knockback.

				     -Gray Fox: Gives extra speed for both running and attacking, (you'll notice with the extra running                                                                       speed, you can jump Really far, especially when combined with force speed). It's held upside
                                                down and uses the staff style for attacks, but with the dual stance. It also has a greenblue
						shadow effect on the blade when "saber up"

			      -Oren's Scabbard: Not all that special, It causes very slight knock back to enemies, and it bounces off walls.
						Other than that it works just like a sword.

	     Serren Scepter Gun:  Was placed in a seperate pk3 in case anyone didn't want to use it. But why not? lol....It's cool
				  It has New sounds I mixed up, and effects........It replaces the Demp2 gun ingame since that gun
				  behaved most similar to how I felt the serren scepter would.


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