The Official Senate Movie

Here we have the official Senate Movie produced by Master Yoshi. In this movie, you will see various sites (maps) that SJC has, and is cont...


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Here we have the official Senate Movie produced by Master Yoshi. In this movie, you will see various sites (maps) that SJC has, and is continuing to work on for release. The movie itself, attempts to recreate some of the fight scenes from episode 3, and I must say.. did a very good job at it. The quality is excelent in all areas. The only thing I dont get is the reason the file is password protected.. the pass is skittles as the readme below states.

I know this is a huge dowload, but it's worth it! Start the DL and go do somthing else till it's done. Nice Job Yoshi!


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Download '' (303.09MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: The Official Senate Movie 
AUTHOR**: Master Yoshi (Filmed and Produced by) 
E-MAIL**: [email protected] 

FILENAME: (zip archive password: skittles)

DATE RELEASED: 11 Oct (Sent to JK3Files) 

CREDITS**: Sith-J-Cull who plays Yoda during the Pod Smashing scene and the 2nd Royal Guard who gets knocked out (right), my friend James who plays Yoda during the Office scene, my friend Tom who plays Darth Sidious throughout, my friends Joe and Frank who play Yoda and Sidious during the Rising Pod scene, other friends who played extras (including Anakin, Obi-Wan and various Guards) – they will not be named as I do not have their real names, and JA names will not be given out yet, to keep the beta safe.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: This is the first ever fully-HD Jedi Academy Movie. Experience Sith-J’s upcoming maps, Kashyyyk, The Senate and Mustafar in super high quality detail. Standard WMV-HD Trailers which are 2-3 minutes long come in at around 150Mb, so this file size is about right for an 8minute movie. Before you either decide not to post this movie because of its size out of anger, a medium-quality version will be released, after this one has been officially posted – thank you :) . This movie is encoded in WMV-HD.



Get some popcorn, relax and enjoy the movie :D


If you do not have the speed or the time to download this file, wait until the medium 

quality version comes out - instead of writing me angry letters tomorrow :)


If using Windows media player, make sure you play it at 100%, not 200 - then you will

receive optimum quality at its native resolution. The Movie runs for 8Mins, which is 

very good considering WMV-HD 2-3min trailers come in at around 150Mb


This is the first fully-HD Jedi Academy Movie, recorded at 1152x648 for your viewing 

pleasure and encoded in WMV-HD - it is like viewing a demo right inside your media 

player. H.264 version was also encoded, but not released due to PC's not having the 

strength to cope with it - though the quality is much better than WMV and of a smaller 

size. If you have a screen resolution of 1024x768 or lower, I do not recommend

downloading this version - as only viewers with larger screens will see the real 

benefit. Wait for the smaller version.


The second half of the movie is the best half, so make sure you don't miss it 

(particularly the pod smashing scene).


The movie could of been better, but I was struck for time and actors - though I think 

the movie isn't all bad.


Sith-J-Cull stars as a Royal Guard (on the right) and as Yoda in the pod smashing 

scene. James stars as Yoda in the office scene,. Tom played 

Darth Sidious - the Extras who played guards and main roles in smaller scenes will not 

be listed for the safety of the beta - as you can see even just now I have given real 

names, not JA names. The full cast will be released when the map is released. I thank 

the extras for giving their time to make this trailer possible :)


Coming soon:


The Official Senate Movie, Medium Quality (SD)

The Official Senate Trailer - detailed senate in-depth

Star Wars JKA Galaxies (tm) Trailers and TV Spots


I am starting to work with blue-screen too.


For the actors who are confused about the cast not being given out - it is because

if your JA names are given out, people may run to you and ask for a beta - we don't

want you to have to deal with that situation. 

BUGS: There are no bugs. This isn’t a fancy trailer like my previous ones – it delivers the new footage and the new footage only. This is the official movie, not a trailer. The Official Trailer for the detailed version will be released soon. 


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