The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth

I've been looking forward to this video's release for months now, even after several unseemly delays. One of these delays was due to the com...


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I've been looking forward to this video's release for months now, even after several unseemly delays. One of these delays was due to the composer of the score taking longer than expected. Yes, you heard me right. The composer. This video doesn't use any recycled music. No, it has its own music, composed specifically for this piece. Impressive, no? It really makes what is otherwise a wonderful cinematic fan-film into a wonder cinematic awesome fan-film.

This story is about a young Tusken warrior, who unfortunately is not the brightest crayon in the box. His journey to manhood provides a good moral story for the other young Tuskens, who gather 'round the village Elder to hear the sad tale. Wonderful film technique, combined with a perfect musical score, excellent voice acting, and a wonderfully witty and amusing plot make for a film that should not be missed by anyone. If you've been looking for a film to waste your bandwidth on, don't look here. You can waste you bandwidth on something else, because downloading this certainly would not be a waste at all.


The author would like everyone to know that the soundtrack for this video is now available on the Amorphous Blob website. Download it today!


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File Name: The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth 

Developer: Nefarious Guy 

Developer's email:

Amorphous Blob Productions Website: 

Installation Instructions: Download and double click the icon to start the movie. 
Windows Media Player is required.

Running Time: 10 minutes and 15 seconds. 

Description: Told in the style of an ancient epic, "The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth" is a new
film from the creators of "Star Wars Gangsta Rap: JKA Edition" and "Showdowns: Episode I: 
The Imperial, the Jawa, and the Wookie". Featuring an original score by Betafish. 

Story: On a windy night on the planet Tatooine, a tusken elder tells an ancient tale about the 
not-so-bright young warrior Foot-in-Mouth, who was sent into the desert as part of his 
passage into manhood. Harken to his story and take heed...

Notes: "The Parable of Foot-in-Mouth" takes place in the alternate Star Wars universe of "Showdowns"
where Tatooine is one of several frontier worlds reminiscent of the American Wild West. 

Credits: Written and directed by Nefarious Guy. Richard Grove as Elder. Gary Chaboya as Foot-in-Mouth. 
Eevos Kohl as Cactus Poacher. Music composed by Betafish. 
Special thanks to ObiWanKenody and Drivel. 

COPYRIGHT 2007 Amorphous Blob Productions
This film is not to be modified in any way without my permission.

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